Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Making Contact

You know how people come into and out of your life? Sometimes they stay around and become a part of your life or you lose contact and they belong in your past. Today I tried to meet up with someone I had met a couple of years ago through work (who is also a knitter) but bad communication on my part meant we missed each other. However, while waiting for her, I came across someone who I very nearly became sister-in-law to. So I was quite pleased that he approached me and suggested we have lunch sometime.

Thinking that was the end of my "connections", I got a phone call from a friend who had bumped into someone I used to work with and gave me her details. It was a Manager I absolutely loved. I called her straight away and talking to her brought back so many memories for me. When I finished uni,I worked 2 jobs. One was my full time job with a publishing company, and then I would work Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays with this Manager in a retail shop. Apart from work, I didn't have much spare time to do anything else. But I never really noticed it. My second job was more like my social life because I really enjoyed the company of the people I worked with. So while I no longer miss the crazy hectic schedule of rushing from job to job (weekends are bliss now), I did miss their friendship.

So while I'm extremely thrilled at hearing from people I haven't seen in quite a number of years, I doubt I will be joining to find people I went to school with. That can stay in the past as far as I'm concerned. The movie, Romy and Michelle's high school reunion comes to mind whenever I hear about up coming school reunions.


  1. I went to so many schools that I lost touch with all my friends. But there was one I always remembered and really wanted to get in contact with. So when Friends Reunited started in England, I joined but she wasn't there. Six months later, she joined and contacted me. We hadn't seen each other for 39 years. It worked out well. She's been out to Oz to see me, and last year I went to her wedding in England. I was so worried I'd been carrying fantasies around with me for so long, but she was just as nice as I always remember her.

  2. It's great you've re-discovered old friends. I find the older I get, the worse I am at really connecting with people, so maybe all that's left is finding the ones I *used* to connect with!

  3. Meeting up with these old friends, just by chance maybe part of the 'luck' that that guy was on about.


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