Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduating - again

I ummed and ahhed about attending my graduation for the postgraduate studies I did. But my mother who is quite proud of the fact that I'm about the only person in the family stupid enough to return to University, insisted I go. So really, the whole ceremony thing was for her. I did enjoy going though as my undergraduate graduation ceremony was a bit of a blur. This one was nice and short. I have been to four other graduation ceremonies apart from my own and each one I was there out of obligation. Each time I felt that watching a slug squirm through salt more bearable.

Although what I did find interesting were the PhD students. Each with an thesis topic more obscure than the last. Where do people find such inspiration?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A new "important person" in my life (you may be hearing more about him, but I promised I won't mention his name on my blog so will be referred to as The BFG -in reference to one of my favourite Roald Dahl books!!), mentioned that he liked receiving postcards. I like receiving them too but never really know what I should do with them afterwards. Whilst I like receiving them, I'm terrible at sending them. Each time I go overseas, I'd buy postcards with the intention of sending them as soon as I've written on them but never really find the chance to. The recipient usually gets the postcard after I've returned home. Or when I went to the States in 2003, a postcard I bought in Los Angeles didn't get sent till I was across the other side of the country in New York.

So this week, I found myself at lunch in a coffee shop with no knitting and nothing to read. So I decided to send The BFG a postcard:

There has been a lot written about the lost art of writing letters. I don't think my issue is with writing the letter but more about getting my ass to the post office to post it. Anyway, I've decided to try to do this more often. So if you receive one from me out of the blue, it's because I thought of you and chances are, when I was thinking of you, I was sitting alone somewhere and needed something to make me not look like a complete loser with no friends.

A happy coincidence

It's been a bit chilly this week to do much knitting in the Botanical Gardens. But one day last week, there was just enough sunshine to grab a coffee and the current purple project and get out of the office.

Although the sun was out, it was still a bit cold and so I brought the wrap that I normally keep in the office with me. I realised that I must have looked like some strange batty woman with so much purple around. Not only is my current project purple, the knit picks cable, my wrap and coffee cup were all the same shade. I was also sitting near a bush with purple flowers.