Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello Summer - where are you?

Winter - I like you... really I do. I like how I can:

  • layer my clothes to hide my ever-increasing waistline;
  • dress in my usual colours of black, grey, brown and red;
  • knit with wool;
  • eat hot food; and
  • walk around with a scowl on my face.

But I think it's time for Spring or Summer to make an appearance. Winter, its not entirely your fault that I have:

  • caught a cold twice in the space of one month;
  • not been able to go for my nightly runs because, frankly, its too darn cold;
  • stopped living the Weight Watchers way of life because hot chips are so much more satisfying on a cold night than salad; and
  • left my favourite umbrella on a train and now have to deal with the world's dumbest umbrella purchase ever.

I think its important to understand that I need the warmer weather so I can:

  • Start training for this.
  • Make this mess:

    look more like this:

    Oh who am I kidding?? The change in weather will not get my desk anywhere near Kikki K perfection; and
  • Get up earlier so I'm not constantly late to work.

Because I am of the impatient variety and you, Winter, who I feel is overstaying your welcome, it must be I who will leave you. Not for long. Just two weeks. I am sure you will still be here when I return. So next Thursday, I will bid you adieu as I head off to the warmer climes of my birthplace.

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