Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beating those darn curses

I had grand plans to knit something in time for The BFG's birthday last week. But yet again, my ability to "knit to a deadline" let me down again. Not that I was going to make anything elaborate. I think most knitters know about the Sweater Curse, I was not quite willing to risk that so early in the relationship (and not to mention the number of wasted knitting hours when I could be making something for myself). Having already experienced the Scarf curse (remember this - yep, never made it to the recipient. Lucille's boyfriend got it instead) a small - really small - project was in order.

So I chose the London Beanie.

The usually camera-shy BFG.

I knitted this while watching Farmer Wants a Wife last night. Shocking - I know, but it's so bad I can't stop watching it. Anyway, it was so quick to make that I'm going to make another one for my dad with the left-over yarn but this time I might make it a bit bigger. The pattern calls for about 40 rounds before decreases which make it a bit short - hence it doesn't really cover his ears and at 72 stitches, is just short of cutting circulation to his head.


  1. Well done on finishing it! It must be True Love if you have knitted him something. I hope he appreciates it and you.

  2. I'd been married for 4 years before I knitted anything for D. So this is some special man you've got there!

  3. Hi there, I popped over from rav to say thank you for my wonderful swap parcel! I love it.

    Did you know that one of the farmers (the one from Gerringong) is only twenty minutes away from my place? And the local radio has lots of stories about who he's been out to dinner with at local restuarants lately? Apparently he's still with one of the girls from the show.

    But I don't watch it, so I can't tell you which one...I think I might start watching it now ..


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