Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bridge Run

On Sunday, the BFG and I did the Bridge Run. We took the train to Milson's Point and as the train was approaching the station, we saw all the families who were doing the 4km Family Fun Run. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I should have signed us up to do that one as I didn't really know if I was up for running 9km. Of course I wasn't ready to run 9km!! I haven't been keeping up with the running and its been about a year since I last ran 5km straight. Well at least I didn't overestimate our abilities and signed us up to do the Half or Full Marathon which was all happening that day.

The BFG and I had decided that we would run/walk it while we listened to the Couch to 5 K running podcast. That's how sociable we are when we go running together. God forbid, if we had to actually talk to each other!!

I really enjoyed it and I think the BFG secretly did as well but was not ready to admit that publicly. Anyway, I finished it in 1:09:03 and the BFG's time was 1:09:04 - because that 0:0:1 millisecond made all the difference!

Afterwards, we went to my company's corporate tent and stuffed our faces with fruit and pastries. Having done the race, we both felt the need to go and spend more money on running gear and so the BFG got himself some new shorts (but he refused to get the short shorts) and I got us both the Nike + Ipod kit.

So the plan from here is to be able to run the whole distance for the Bay Run. And I still have the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge coming up in November.

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