Thursday, September 18, 2008


The thing about keeping a blog is that I always feel a bit guilty if I've been neglecting it. Before I set off for my trip to Vietnam, I was trying out all sorts of things on how I might post to this blog while I was over there. I had it all worked out where I would snap photos from my phone, email it to my Blackberry and then post to the blog from the Blackberry. Of course I did none of that. I think I took a couple of dodgy photos with my phone but didn't do anything else. And then I returned to Australia with good intentions to blog about my trip. For some unexplainable reason, getting the photos off my camera, onto my computer and then posting about it all seemed too hard as I tried to get back into work, keeping the house tidy while my sister is on her big Europe trip (okay this one is definitely a lie - my mother has been to Sydney a few times to tidy for me), etc. I found trying to sum up the whole trip in one blog post was a bit difficult and I'm not normally one with only a few words.

But here I will try:

1. Vietnam was hot - so much so I got a heat rash. At first I thought it was bed bugs. When I panicked, my mother assured me it was something I suffered from when I was a baby as well.

2. We still have a lot of poor relatives. I don't think anybody realises how good they have things here until they go there. But then we also have some relatives who have done well for themselves. Everybody talks about what happened when the war ended.

3. Things were cheap. Really cheap. Maybe too cheap.

4. Vietnam has cheap broadband internet in out of the way places. Why is it then that Telstra can't get it right? My own internet connection is so dodgy and I only live in the suburbs?

5. I've always had great issues with using toilets in foreign countries. Vietnam did not cure me of that. In fact my paranoia has become worse.

6. I really want a scooter now. I am incredibly jealous of the fact that every second person in Vietnam has a scooter. My mother was horrified at the number of scooters and completely freaked out when crossing the road.

7. I'm glad that going to Vietnam did not make my mother cry. I'm glad that my mother and my aunt did not kill each other on this trip. I'm glad that my cousin Alan was there to act as peacekeeper.

8. I suffered from real coffee withdrawal symptoms. At the same time I was starting to become a diabetic with the amount of sugar present in the awful crap they call coffee and which I persisted in drinking every morning. I think my father misses their coffee. I still can't understand why.

9. The dogs in Vietnam all look like Ewoks. When they bark at me, I threaten that I will eat them - they do that over there - I don't think the dogs realise how real that threat can be.

10. I will go back. Next time I will go North as Ho Chi Minh city was fun for about a day. Cholon (where I was born) was fun for maybe half a day.

So I'm back and I've still got to get the photos off my camera and onto the Mac. Here is a selection from Cousin Al's swish new camera he had bought from the trip. I think being a Project Manager makes you one of those super organised people. I'm yet to give him a copy of my photos.

Me, trying to blend in with the locals at the market.

Ho Chi Minh city

Lunch at a relative's house.


  1. I'd love to hear more about your trip to Vietnam. My parents have been there a few times but I have never been. I'd like to. I heard that Hanoi is nicer than Ho Chi Minh city. The weather is milder too, apparently. Oh, and the backpack... that really doesn't help with the blending in ;)

  2. When I saw you I meant to find out all the details of your trip but of course we talked about other things. Damn! Will pin you down and get the whole story eventually...maybe sitting on a beach somewhere this summer.

  3. Yay! So glad to finally get some news. Would love to sit down over a cuppa and hear all about your adventures. I'm obsessed with the show "Family Footsteps", and you're living it!


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