Thursday, November 13, 2008


So when I said that there were still a couple of weeks before the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, I was completely wrong and it was on yesterday. But I didn't really have to worry about it because I ended up just running/walking with my Manager and it turned out to be more of a social thing than competitive. Although the high achievers in my company ran the whole it in a very short amount of time. It turned out to be a nice sunny day and the 6 km didn't feel very long. You can see some photos of the race here, but there are no pictures of me! Thank goodness. I was wearing a shirt with my company's logo on it and it was about five sizes too big and was the most unflattering outfit ever. However, there are pictures of Railcorp employees wearing the most ghastly green shirts - but it did make them stand out (and they won the t-shirt competition).

Anyway, feeling like I didn't put enough effort into the run (and after stuffing myself with food from the corporate tent afterwards), I went back to the BFG's place and went for another 30 minute run with him. So that was a total of 11km (run/walk) that I did yesterday.

The BFG is also participating in Movember. I think it started off with him being too lazy to shave for a couple of days. I personally am not a fan of the moustache. But seeing as this is for a good cause ...

He decided that he wasn't going to do the whole moustache thing first but progressively shave the beard off. This is him pre-shave.

And then in a moment of insanity, he decided to shave off just the chin section. We're thinking which part should go next (and what shape). All I can think of is that my work Christmas party is on at the end of November in which he will be sporting the extremely creepy looking moustache. Yuk...

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