Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In which Librarians plan to take over the world

A friend I went to uni with pointed out this YouTube video someone made about Information Science. On the one hand, I am completely freaked out by the fact that they bothered. On the other hand, what a F*cken nerd!! One of the things I really didn't get when I was studying Info Science was why we were constantly debating the question "What is Information?" Countless lectures and tutorials where bored students were forced to think about information in a thousand different ways but the conclusion was always the same... there is no one definition. Whatever. And if I ever hear the name Brenda Dervin and her bricks and bucket theory again, I'll scream. Wait, that's not true. If I hear one more aspiring Librarian say "I want to be a Librarian because I love books" I'll scream. You don't want to be a Librarian because you love books, you have to like people too. Ummm... which could be the reason why I studied to be one but never became one. Heck, I can't even catalogue, so I would have made a pretty crap Librarian anyway. Do I really care about the Dewey Decimal system which never had enough scope to include new technologies such as computers so that whole subject needed to be shunted in the front with zeros? And more importantly, do I really care about controlled vocabularies and thesauri? Probably not enough. But then I thought you just had to like books to become a Librarian.

Warning, the video below goes for more than five minutes. But you might learn more from that than doing a 3 year Bachelor course in Information Science.

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