Monday, November 03, 2008

Thinking, thinking, thinking

The BFG and I have these strange conversations where I'll ask him "What are you thinking?" and he would reply with "Nothing". Then he'll ask me "What are you thinking?" I would say "Nothing" and he would go "Oh, come on - you're always thinking of something".

I have to say, this is probably true. When he says nothing, I believe him because he probably is having a moment where his brain is like a cabbage (his words not mine). I'm generally having a zillion thoughts running through my head that it's easier to say "Nothing".

Based on this, it could explain why I started on an easy garter stitch project for lunch time/commuting knitting. I'm freeing up my mind for all the things I need to think about.

So while sitting in the Botanical Gardens (yes I've started again!) and working rows and rows of garter stitch, these are the things I was thinking about (in no particular order):

  • how the heck I managed to forget a few crucial steps when re-programming the timer for my dad's automatic watering system this past weekend because this morning it wasn't running properly;
  • going to the supermarket tonight on my way home and how unfair it is that I got lumped with it when Lucille works shorter hours and closer to home than I do;
  • having to re-run a Banker's request when I get back to the office which had already taken me all morning to put together just because he forgot to tell me that he wanted the figures in Australian Dollar;
  • that I should start looking into campsites for the camping trip I suggested to the BFG for December;
  • how I really should be working on Anna's shawl (see sidebar) because it's been woefully neglected for the past year;
  • about visiting a friend this weekend who just had a baby (incidently, I have two friends who had babies within days of each other and I have not done any baby knitting - surprise, surprise); and
  • that I really should go for a run tonight as the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is coming up in a few weeks.

I'm sure there were other stuff that I was thinking about but I'll need to save them for when the BFG asks me that question again (generally when he has run out of things to talk about) because he knows that I'll always have something to say.

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