Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A verry merry Christmas and happy Birthday

This year, I spent Christmas day at the BFG's house - sleeping. It's not like I have been working super duper hard in the days leading up to Christmas. I managed to stay awake enough to exchange presents, eat breakfast, and dozed on and off while we tried to watch "The Librarian" (yes... this is extremely geeky of me and how could I have not known about it earlier?).

We ended up making our way back to my place for Christmas dinner where there was ham (my parents have a real fascination with Christmas ham and every year there is more than enough to feed the Republic of Congo), prawns, salad, and even lobster (credit crisis? what credit crisis?).

Not surprisingly, there was birthday cake. Not for Jesus, but for me. The sucky thing about having your birthday on Boxing Day, is that NOTHING (except for supermarkets) are open. So in order to have a fairly decent birthday cake, my sisters always get one on the 24th and we have the cake on Christmas Day - same every year. Same again this year.

After having such a sloth-ish Christmas Day, I was much more energetic on Boxing Day. So the BFG and I walked from his house to the cinemas (crazy crazy thing to do as it took over an hour and it was the beginning of what was going to be a really really hot day). Last year's Boxing Day blockbuster at the movies was Atonement. This year it appears to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - which is of course what we went to see. Oh... watching that movie made me want to hop on a plane to New Orleans and have some good ole' chicken fried steak!!

Seeing as it was really getting to be a hot day, we took the bus and then the ferry to Manly for a stroll by the sea. It would have been nice to have gone for a dip in the surf, but seeing as we're both not that organised, we didn't have our swimmers with us. So we just enjoyed staring at the British backpackers. I stared at their blistering lobster red skin and the BFG, I'm sure was staring at something else.

Movies and the Beach - that is my favourite way to spend a birthday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008



One of the benefits of working where I do, is that my company has a Corporate Box at Acer Arena. Normally, an email goes round our department if there are spare tickets to an event and we all madly respond to try to get tickets. So far, I've been to see Celine Dion (not really my thing, but my sisters love her) and Eros Ramazotti (no idea who he is but apparently quite popular in Europe). So I was particularly excited when our little pod of support staff were invited to see Kylie Minogue on her Australia tour. We were allowed to bring a partner or a friend. All my colleagues brought a girlfriend. I brought the BFG as he is a HUGE fan (I'm kind of glad I didn't know this when we first started dating... even though I try not to judge people by the music they listen to).

Although her music is not something I listen to on high rotation, nor something I would purposely go out and buy a ticket to, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It was pure entertainment and I'm completely in awe of the way she is able to bop around on 9 inch heels. It was also quite a shock (and rather embarrasing to admit) that I know a lot more words to her songs than I realise. When she sang Locomotion (or parts of it), it also made me realise how old I am!! She released that song when I was in Year 4!

My favourite part was her "Geisha" themed act and it was also where she sang this song (okay... I admit it, there is one song I really like):

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

I suggested to the BFG that we should get a tree to decorate his place. That was met with a resounding "NO". Okay... then. End of story. I didn't realise he was such a Grinch but according to him it's more of a matter of being a Scrooge. To my delight, his mum pointed out that he actually had some Christmas decorations stashed away somewhere. After some persistent nagging (I don't think he realises that I'm a complete expert in the art of nagging), he finally brings out the box containing these:

Handmade dolls (I assume they are hand made - they look it).

These are my favourite - girl and boy cutouts.

Some cross stitch the BFG made (yes - I know - he can do crafty things too!!). Actually, I do recall him mentioning on our first date that he has done some cross stitch when he was younger.

A little wooden Christmas tree candle holder with little yarn dolls.

There were a whole lot more cutouts to string across the wall which were very vintage-y cute (probably are considered vintage now) and very Danish but he refused to let me put them up. He was pretty reluctant to put out the dolls and the tree but of course I promptly removed all the crap on the side table and set them up for display. Now I just need to find some fairy lights. Did I mention that I love fairy lights?