Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birthday surprises

This seems rather indulgent and a bit smug at the same time - dedicating a whole post on what I received for my birthday and Christmas. As you may or may not know, my birthday happens to fall on Boxing Day. Most people when I tell them make sympathetic noises and lament on how sucky that can be. When I was at school, it did seem like a big deal as I was never there for people to fuss over like my friends had when they turned up to school on their birthday. But since entering the world of adults and started to work full time, I can see the positive side of having one's birthday fall on a public holiday. It means that I never have to work on that day.

I did receive a lot of presents this year, despite our family just doing Kris Kringle and only buying one present.

So my favourite? It has to be this:

The BFG and I have had many "discussions" as to why I "need" to have a KitchenAid mixer. Not just any mixer and definitely not the K-mix by Kenwood who is trying to look like a KitchenAid. So I was utterly surprised to open this on Christmas day.

You know when someone loves you when they buy you an expensive piece of kitchen equipment even though they secretly believe that you don't cook enough to warrant one. I've always wanted the almond cream one as I love how it looks so retro. Now we just need to find that house, with that perfect kitchen for me to display it... I mean, use it in.

So the other present I wanted to show off was this beautiful tatted choker which my friend of many talents Katie made for me. This was such a thoughtful gift and it looks absolutely stunning on.

I also received the third book in the Stieg Larsson Millenium trilogy from the BFG's parents and so am keen to start reading the whole series. My sister and brother in law got me an umbrella with the Eiffel tower on it (ok - apart from my obsession with knitting, I also have a small collection of Eiffel towers collected from my own and other people's trips to France). My younger sister Lucille who is much more fashionable than I am got me new jeans which fit perfectly.

I also received some new notebooks from the BFG's sister and also my friend Becky. One of them, I'm saving as a travel diary for our upcoming trips this year and another I've decided to start writing in everyday again. I've always kept a diary but I find that I write more when I am particulary angry or upset about things and it's quite therapeutic. Not that I plan to be an angry and angsty person every day of the new year, but even writing down a line that summed up the day or week would be helpful when I want to remember things - good and bad.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! The BFG's parent's are here from Denmark and so we celebrated Christmas last night as is tradition with Europeans. Today was spent lounging around and then going to my sister's place for more food.

The BFG's Christmas elves came out to play along with some new friends.

I wanted to get a tree this year but the BFG who is a bit anti-Christmas decorations was not keen on the idea. So we made do with the little wooden tree he already had and on it I hung this beautifully tatted Christmas bauble which my friend Katie made for me.

Asger and Luna has also come all the way from Denmark to come and live with us.

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday so I'm going to try to sleep in. I had plans to go to the beach and the movies but rain has been predicted. So we might end up just going to see a movie and playing with my new toys which is another post altogether. I have so much to show off!

Monday, November 02, 2009

A minute in Sep, Oct and all the bits in between

So joining a monthly meme is still not enough to keep me blogging more regularly. Terrible I know. I still read other people's blogs (actually I read a lot of blogs), I just neglect my own.

Anyway, in trying to keep with the theme:

Looking: We're still house hunting. However, I've decided to channel the "Information Professional" in me and actually do this in a structured and informed way. This weekend, instead of a few hurriedly scribbled notes on a notepad, I had a whole bunch of properties and their open times printed out which we sorted, prioritised and worked out the order in which we would see them.

Lunch at Pappa's Patisserie in Haberfield after viewing 7 properties

Reading: Heliopolis by James Scudamore. I haven't finished a book for my book club in a long time so I was pretty excited how quickly I got through this one. This was a nice easy read. I wasn't particularly engaged with the protagonist or the rest of his family but the descriptions of the divide between the rich and the poor in Brazil is a great eye opener.

Admiring: Book club was at my friend Becky's place. The BFG who did not read the book, wanted to come along because Becky bought one of these:

Image here

Watching: I am totally hooked on this season's "The Amazing Race" - they're in Cambodia now but they started the race going to Vietnam! Brought back all these memories. The other show which is bringing back memories is Luke Nguyen's Vietnam.

Making: Why is it that I always start something big just as the weather warms up? I'm currently knitting Coraline by Ysolda Teague. I've already done the main part of the body and now up to one sleeve.

Eating: October being the Sydney International Food Festival, my manager and I went to a couple of the "Let's do Lunch" specials. Unlike last year where we tried a few different places, this year we were so impressed with the massive steak at Mad Cow we went twice!

Running: The BFG and I both did the Bridge Run this year. I really think next year I can run the whole thing. Next week, I'm doing the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge again (5.6km).

Planning: Some holiday. I really need it. Since my trip to Vietnam last year, I have only had one day off work (apart from public holidays and being sick). The trip to New Zealand doesn't count as I was tired before I left and more tired coming home (on the first flight back in the morning). I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think the type of holiday I really want is one where I lie on the beach somewhere with a good book and some knitting (I'm not normally that type of holiday person, I'm the one that has the itinerary all planned out to the minute with specific sightseeing goals all mapped out). But seeing as we have a huge trip planned for next year (and how the RBA spoiled Christmas), it will more likely be a holiday by our pool (which is really just as nice).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forever young, I'm gonna be forever young...*

The BFG and I made a quick trip across to Christchurch, New Zealand (literally left Friday evening and returned first thing Monday morning) for a weekend away. I can't exactly say it was an impromptu, live by the seat of our pants, do something spontaneous because we're young and can go overseas at the drop of a hat - type of trip. I booked the tickets ages ago.

We basically spent the Saturday sightseeing around Christchurch. Went up the Cathedral (reminded me of that time I climbed the Arc de Triomphe but back then I was ten times more unfit than I am now). We also did the very touristy thing and took a ride on a gondola down the Avon River.

1. Christchurch Cathedral
2. New Regent St
3. The BFG (an uncooperative photo subject)
4. Tram
5. Punting on the Avon river
6. No entry sign (Of course I drove down that exact street.)
7. SOL Square (South of Litchfield) - funky bar district
8. Christchurch art gallery
9. Theatre next to the Arts Centre
10. Arts Centre
11. Avon River
12. BFG having a beer (very rare sight -he normally never drinks alcohol or coffee - or anything that I regularly indulge in.)
13. Me in front of the Cathedral. That scary hairy thing I'm waving around? It came off my jacket. So glad when the BFG pointed out that the stupid thing can be removed.

On Sunday, we decided to hire a car and drive out to Lyttleton and Akaroa which is just over the hills from Christchurch.

1. The speedy red Mazda 3 we hired to get to Akaroa
2. French street signs in Akaroa
3. Fish and chips
4. New Zealand green lip mussels
5. Me at Akaroa
6. New Zealand sheep - and no I was not about to hijack one for its wool!

It was a wonderful trip despite it being so brief. This is a great first step for us as it means we should be able to travel together when we go to Europe next year (fingers crossed nothing is going to jinx it). See the thing about me when it comes to travel is, that I can be quite a control freak. I'm pretty easy going once I arrive but its all the preparation for a trip beforehand that I need to have a say in. I agonise over things like which hotel to stay at (I changed my mind at least 4 times just for this trip), which travel insurance we should take out etc. I asked the BFG to book the hotel BUT I just couldn't NOT have a say in it. It's terrible and a character flaw, I know but I just can't help it. Oh well... Greece here we come!!

* song from the Tourism New Zealand ad

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just a minute in August

Making: Swallowtail shawl - a while back, I won a prize on my friend Pom Pom's blog (without even knowing I had entered a competition - they're the best ones I think). The prize included two skeins of Morris & Son's Empire yarn. I decided to make the Elizabeth Zimmerman's February baby sweater for the baby in my life - the chubbers who is my nephew. Unfortunately, when I finished it, it was too small - how is it that babies grow so fast??? So I frogged it and re-knit it into the swallowtail shawl.

Reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel by Susanna Clarke. Have you seen this monstrous tome? I just couldn't finish it. It did not hook me in and I think I just kept half heartedly tried to read it for my book club meeting. As one of the girls in my bookclub said "it would be twice as good if it was half as long".

Eating: After last month's dinner at est. for the BFG's birthday, I didn't really know how I would go back to regular restaurants once I've experienced fine dining. So I was pretty excited when the BFG decided to take me out to dinner to Forty One. The view was pretty spectacular and if you ever go, you must visit the bathrooms. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out onto Sydney Harbour. We had the 8 course degustation menu - well that was the only choice really. The BFG suggested I have the matching wines as well but seriously, I'd be totally tanked with that much wine. I wanted to enjoy the food and wanted to be sober to the end so just ordered one glass. I've saved the menu to start a collection (as in, I hope there are more to come).

Playing: Board Games. This Saturday past, the BFG was at work so there was no house-hunting. So I went and did something I've been meaning to do for a while and that was to check out the local op shop. I love garage sales and op shops. The BFG - he's not so keen. So with a whole Saturday to myself and not having to deal with real estate agents, I hopped down to the local Vinnies and managed to come away with a 1983 version of Trivial Pursuit, 2 vintage Scrabble sets, a retro-looking top, belt and a lovely bone china plate.

The thing about playing board games is that I am fiercely competitive. I hate losing. So when the BFG wanted to play Trivial Pursuit rather than Scrabble, I knew I'd be in trouble. Especially questions from 1983.

Doing: Running - The BFG and I have signed up to do the Bridge Run (9km) again this year (well I signed us both up and he had no choice really). We went for a trial run yesterday morning and did the Bay Run (7km). It wasn't so bad but I did get a blister.

Shopping: Glasses - I've always worn contact lenses because I'm vain. And also because the last pair of outrageously expensive glasses that I bought just did not fit my Asian face. They were plastic and Miu Miu. But they kept sliding down my nose. I basically wore them between the bathroom when I took off my contacts to the bedroom. I decided to give the glasses thing another try and so recently bought another pair of outrageously expensive glasses. This time, they are plastic and Prodesign. I'm hoping the Danish have got it right and designed a pair of glasses which will sit on my face properly. My Danish boyfriend approves (but then he is rather patriotic about most things Danish). So far they have been pretty good. I wear them during the week but on the weekend I still go back to my contact lenses - because I'm vain.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The thing about underquoting

I thought that underquoting in real estate was supposed to be illegal! So the BFG and I went to look at this property a couple of weeks ago. We were told by the real estate agent what it was expected to go for and yesterday the property sold for $200k more than what we were quoted! This is the one reason why we don't want to go to Auction if we can help it. I really liked it, but the BFG wasn't that taken by it (he felt that it was pokemon small). My reservations about it was that it was across the road from a school. Anyway, luckily we didn't proceed with paying for a house inspection because that is way out of our price range!

I understand that generally it is difficult to see what sort of money the property will eventually sell for but if a real estate agent has been working in the area long enough, I'm pretty sure they would have a fair idea. Man, that really pisses me off.

Anyway, rather than go watch the auction like we had originally planned, we went to see a couple of other properties. We saw two properties which were complete dives and one which I'm in love with but just that little bit out of our price range. Oh well, I guess we're not in any real hurry but I just hate how house hunting just sucks up your whole Saturday. The funny thing is, we did go have a look at two one-bedroom apartments which were for sale in the same block. I suggested to the BFG that we should buy one each. It might make for a better relationship =)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Just a minute in July

I've decided to officially play along with the "Just a minute" meme. Other players here. So you can at least expect one post a month.

Reading: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I really enjoyed reading this book but it was a really hard slog. The BFG suggested it for our July bookclub book. Because we can't share a book (we read at different speeds), I bought a copy from the guy who sets up stall outside the hardware store in Newtown on the weekends and my friend Jill kindly lent me another copy.

Watching: Coco Avant Chanel, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Transformers, the Muppets (on DVD).

Celebrating: Heaps of birthdays! Most importantly my wonderful BFG. Happy Birthday BFG! I took him out to dinner at est. The service was wonderful and the food was fantastic.

Making: Elijah. I finally finished making up Elijah and even took him out when we went to Kazbah for brunch with the BFG and his friends. I had second thoughts about giving it to my nephew Baby J, (thoughts of slobber and a lot of yanking went through my mind) but he's cuteness packaged as a baby so who am I to deny him?

Getting used to: New haircut. One day while I was at home trying to rid myself of the hacking cough of death, I decided to trim my fringe. Looking like I'd been attacked by a hedge trimmer, I decided to go get a proper cut. Now I'm sporting a heavy straight fringe. Some days it looks good, and on others it looks like I've just stepped off the mainland.

Searching: For the perfect new home. The BFG and I are house hunting. It's taken up so much of my excess thinking time that I'm already a bit over it. And we've only seriously started looking in the last 2 weeks. I just wish the perfect house in the perfect suburb at the right price just magically appears. All before summer hits please. Another summer in the BFG's hot apartment is not something I'm looking forward to. But then I do have my real home to go to I suppose - that has air conditioning, all my stuff, my bed, my favourite piece of furniture.... hmmm... maybe we should just move into my place***

***Have you ever seen this old episode of Gilmore Girls where the mother (can't remember her name) dates this guy and they decided to move into her house but then things get a bit weird because there is an uneven balance of power over the living arrangements as he feels like he's living under her roof. Well that's what we are trying to avoid.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



This ad sums up how I am when it comes to "knowing about stuff". Yes I admit it, I suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This is where I find myself subscribing to a zillion and one things which I immediately hit delete once it reaches my Inbox. I hate the idea that I might not be on top of all the latest current events, trends (not that I really follow any), news and gadgets.

Today, I've decided to overcome this irrational fear and just discovered this really neat function called "UNSUBSCRIBE". That's right folks - gotta say goodbye to those emails from (I think I have only bought something from them once), Alan Kohler's Eureka report (I don't even remember why I subscribed to this investment newsletter - oh right, I work for an investment bank... that may have had something to do with it), (yes, yes I will be coming but not in the next 6 months), (I hate the way their models are in their newsletter - I have to make sure nobody is standing behind me before I open them up because they are so risque) and would you believe, I'm also unsubscribing from (publishers of the Sydney Morning Herald). I am literally on the SMH website all day, I don't need a follow up email to tell me what I've already read - especially one for business news, one for entertainment news and one for general news.

The idea now is to unsubscribe to everything that I automatically delete. First step - declutter Inbox. Don't know what the second step is as I can only do small amounts of cleaning at a time.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Just a minute in May

This meme seems like a good way for me to do one massive blog post to sum up all that has happened in May.

LOVING: my new nephew (Baby J) who was born on the 20 May 2009. I've never really been one for babies and children but my friend Jill tells me that you do end up loving your own. But I think this extends to baby nephews as well. I believe that this addition to our family has finally filled that yearning my father has always had for a boy.


Baby Blanket

Elijah for Baby J

READING: When in Rome by Penelope Green, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - I'm rotating all three titles depending on how I'm feeling.

WATCHING: Harper's Island, Masterchef Australia, Spooks, Love My Way


Shiny shoes for work and play.

COOKING: Bundt cakes. I bought myself a bundt mould and from there, I have since made a chocolate and matcha one, a sour lemon one and an apple and cinnamon one from the last Donna Hay magazine.

LISTENING: This American Life (I'm really loving this podcast), getting back into Cast On, CraftLit, Get It Done Guy.

PLAYING: Living a retro life:

That he might really wear these vintage ties

What I would look like if I were me now in the 70's

DOING: The Global Corporate Challenge. I've been going on walks around the harbour during my lunch to try to clock up 10,000 steps each day. I realise that on an average day, I only walk about 3,000 steps.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something finished

That's me and my finished Minimalist Cardigan (bad picture - but it's just another black cardigan) and Cobblestone which I had finally finshed for my dad. This was yesterday on the BFG's balcony. He was playing computer games, so I set the timer on my camera phone for the picture. I'd use my camera except the battery was flat (and it was at my house) and I was impatient.

I look really tired - I wasn't really but some days, I just have that look. Generally it ties in with a bad hair day. I'm going through that "I think I should let my hair grow stage" which might last around 2 months before it annoys me so much that I'll make a visit to some random hairdresser and then sit there hating the haircut. I'm also thinking I need to start living the Weight Watchers way of life again.

I tried to find the cable thingy that goes from the phone to my computer but I've misplaced it (story of my life!) and remembered the Bluetooth function on the phone and my Mac. Love Love Love it when technology works. Zap, Zap, Zap and the photos were transferred.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Finished objects but nothing to show

I've been bad with the blogging. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm bad with taking photos - or taking photos and then getting around to getting them off my camera. That has been my excuse for not blogging anyway.
If you actually go to my blog rather than read this through an RSS reader, you'll notice that I've updated my progress bars on my projects. Firstly, Cobblestone has been finished, Anna's shawl is now 90% done, I've killed off the Mr Bean Bear and added a few other things which I have finished recently.

I finally sewed up the Minimalist Cardigan after the BFG nagged (it was kind of sitting on his couch for about 2 months) and I love it. It's kind of heavy but that might have something to do with the very dense moss stitch. After finishing off that particular piece, I had this renewed energy to actually make an effort to finish off other languishing projects. Which of course leads me to Cobblestone which I started for my dad (ages ago). I stopped because I couldn't get my head around the short rows. So I fudged it a bit (but I think I get it now).

Anna's shawl - I tried to get the same colour again (I didn't even care about the dye lot) but Bendigo Woollen Mills no longer make it so I'm using a similar yarn but in a shade darker to finish off the border and be done with it. I love it but I'm over it too. It's a lace shawl with 36 or 38 repeats - I've only done about 25 and then ran out of yarn.

As you can see, no photos - I think I'll try to put some up soon. But no promises.
I realise that my weekends have been rather unproductive. A lot might have to do with just being sucked into that mindless vortex that is the television, catching up with friends and just generally not doing very much - although I think the BFG would disagree with that statement. He's happy to potter around the apartment all weekend, but that would seriously drive me insane. I need to get out of the house at least once every day.

The only other exciting news I've got to share is that the BFG and I are going to New Zealand in September. We're only going for the weekend (leaving Friday in the afternoon and returning first thing Monday morning). I'm excited because it will be our first trip away together - if we don't kill each other, it might mean we can attempt somewhere further away (like Venice). And the other reason why I'm quite excited is that spinning wheels are $100 cheaper (the Ashford brand ones anyway) over there than here in Australia. Okay, so I'm still thinking about the logistics of lugging home a spinning wheel but it's something to consider!

I took a spinning lesson quite a few years ago but never really got into it (and I've always thought that the hand spun yarn came out a bit "home-made") but I'm re-thinking the whole thing and might go get a couple of more lessons before making a commitment to buy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So she says...

Last night, I went out with a few friends (baby and toddler in tow - theirs not mine) for dinner and drinks. Dinner was a rather mundane affair at Hurricane's which had opened up in Darling Harbour - is it me or does having a fantastic view over the harbour give restaurants the right to serve just "so-so" food?

The highlight of the evening was a tarot card reading at the Watershed pub. I guess anything to draw in the crowds during this current "economic climate". A quick shuffle of the cards, cut the cards into 3 piles and then pick one pile was all that was required to have my fortune told.

Here is a quick summary of what she said to me:

  • There is an older man with a child who I will be getting closer with.

  • I will be made an offer to work overseas and I'll have to make a decision as to whether or not that is something I want to do.

  • I should be expecting a windfall in the form of a salary increase or bonus - more than I expected.

  • I will be making some financial decisions which will be quite positive.

  • A younger sister will be successful in whatever she does.

  • My family situation is good.

Okay, so she wasn't exactly the most exciting clairvoyant out there but it might have something to do with the fact that I was probably number 2359034831 person of the day to ask for a reading.

I have to say, I am a bit sceptical of these sorts of things (although I do subject myself to a daily read of the horoscopes when things aren't working out swimmingly for me - it's really TALKING TO ME!!)...

Anyway, with what she has to say, as far as I know the BFG does not have a child out there somewhere (how creepy would that be??) and there is no way I would want to date someone with a child - I'm reserving my "children love" for my own (people tell me that it will kick in when you have your own children - so we'll see).

As for the money situation - jeez, I really really really want that to happen. But this is why I'm sceptical:

  • The press keeps telling us that Australia is headed into a recession due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC - or Global Fool's Crisis - as I read somewhere) AND I work for an investment bank. I'm lucky I still have a job, so why would they be offering me a salary increase now?

  • Isn't everyone coming into a windfall with the Government's $900 handout?
  • I completely suck when it comes to managing my own finances (ok BFG - you didn't just read that) so I doubt I would be making any great financial investments.

In terms of my family situation - well let's just say we haven't exactly been The Cleavers for a while. Although the bit about my younger sister might be true as she's a bit of a go-getter and the BFG and I (well it's mainly my idea) have talked about moving to Venice (this was just a random idea I had one day - why not Venice?).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Knitting with green

I'm back at my usual haunt in the Botanical Gardens during my lunch hour for some knitting, reading and enjoying the sunshine. I suddenly have my knitting and reading mojo back but find that the two activities are in conflict. Which is why I'm working towards being able to do both at the same time. I am also obsessively watching Pushing Daisies during my commute to work which also cuts into my available knitting/reading time. Who would have thought there was knitting content in this short-lived series?

Because I'm still trying to work out the 'knitting without looking' thing, I'm just making a pair of simple stockinette stitch socks. The yarn is Tofutsies (that weird mix of wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin [fiber from shrimp]) and a pair of really short Hiya Hiya needles. I'm yet to work out how to do the gusset and toes using such short needles. I'm not sure they are the most comfortable needles to use, but there is definitely a novelty factor about them. It's like knitting with miniature needles.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To the zoo

On a rather wet and rainy Saturday, the BFG and I decided (well actually, I decided) that we should go to the Zoo. The main reason for the visit was so we could see this absolute darling:

I was saying to the BFG, "so we're going to see the Pygmy Rhino". He replied with that exasperated tone that is nomally reserved for little people under the age of five "It's a Pygmy Hippo that we're going to go see". I'm not sure why I had it in my head that it was a rhino, but the one I wanted to see was the new baby!

A trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without a visit to see the controversial Asian elephant exhibit:

I fully support the breeding programs of the zoos, but actually seeing the elephants in such a small enclosure, I truly believe that they should have been sent to Western Plains Zoo where there would be more space for them.

We also spent a lot of time looking at the Giraffes as the BFG felt a common connection with them because of their height.

Despite the small enclosures for some of the animals, they do get the best view:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A knitting post... Koolhaas

The BFG is currently visiting his motherland on the other side of the world. To ensure that the cold in the northern hemisphere does not cause permanent damage to his brain cells and that we can continue to have adult conversations when he comes back, I made him this:

Pattern: Koolhaas - by Brooklyntweed
Yarn: Naturally Harmony 10 ply - 1.3 skeins used
Picture: When I asked him to take a picture for me of the hat, in my mind I had envisioned him with Koolhaas in front of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Instead, this is a picture of him in front of his grandmother's old house.

I actually started making this around August last year and completed it. But when he tried it on, it was too long and to make it fit properly, he would have had to roll the rim which I didn't like the look of. So, I just left it sitting there. I figured we were moving towards warmer weather and so there was no hurry to try to fix it. Anyway, I told him I'll try to get it sorted before he leaves. This of course didn't happen till literally a week beforehand. The pattern calls for 5 pattern repeats for the male version, and seeing as it was a smidge too long, I'd rip it back to 4.5 repeats. I think I was overestimating my skills in reading my own knitting. This pattern used a stitch marker which moved every 6th and 8th row of the pattern. So of course, there was no way I would be able to rip it back and work out where I was. I ended up ripping it right back to the ribbing and started knitting pretty much from scratch. I seriously hope he takes care of this hat because there is no way I'm going to be making another one. The cable needle nearly drove me insane. To top it off, I was knitting this on what must have been Sydney's hottest days in his really hot apartment.

Anyway, I've soon got another finished object to share and that is the Minimalist cardigan I was knitting. I've knitted up all the pieces, they are blocked (as well as I could do this) and now waiting to be sewn up. If anybody out there has some good tips on making this process less painful (like any outsourcing companies who might want to take the job), please let me know!! I feel like I need to enlist professional help.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Year in Review

In 2008:

I got a new job - I seem to get a new job every time I move house. I'm not sure why this is, but for the last several years, each time I have moved house, not long after, I find myself a new job. (Someone once thought that I got a new job each time I got a new boyfriend - but I've had more different jobs than I have ex-boyfriends so that can't be it). So having moved house in late 2007, it was time to move on. I wasn't actively looking but I was feeling a bit bored at my last job and I wasn't quite sure how to handle this weird situation with a married German colleague (as in I didn't quite know how to tell him to just f*ck off). Anyway, word got out that I had itchy feet and an email offering me an interview saw me start the new job in February. A job which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Okay, not so much love as in - really, I'd rather be working than knitting sort of love.

I met the BFG - I've always found it interesting to see how other bloggers introduced new flames and extinguished the old. For me, I chose to just stop writing about him. But how to introduce a new person in your life without explaining where the old one went? Well, I figured that most people who read this blog are my friends and already know what is going on in my life. Others who found it through Google probably don't really care. So while Princess Mary met Prince Frederick of Denmark - I met the BFG (who unfortunately is in no way related to the Royals).

my Grandmother died - I've always had a strange relationship with my grandmother who passed away in April. Each time I visited, she would ask me "So, when are you getting married?" And each time, I would reply "Not yet" (I'm not quite sure why I didn't try to come up with something wittier, but somehow I don't think she would have got it). Anyway, the last time I visited her before she was transferred to a nursing home, she was still conscious and her question to me again (and mind you, this is from a woman suffering from dementia) was "When are you getting married?"

I finally graduated from my post-grad studies - I realise that academia and I were not meant for each other. I loved going to the lectures, participating in the discussions in tutorials and getting student discounts again. But I hated, loathed and was generally quite averse to the actual assignments required to pass subjects.

I went to Vietnam - When I went to Vietnam in August, I had this thing about photographing all these different signs that had the name (or word) "Lien" on it. I don't know why (could have something to do with my narcisstic tendencies?). From this, I realised that my mother could not have chosen a more common name. I had no trouble finding signs, etc with "Lien" plastered on it. It was on most buses as well. Go figure.

my uncle died - So having gone through my thirty years with no close family dying. In 2008, I experienced two. The thing about Chinese Buddhist funerals is that a) they go on for days and b) there is a huge amount of chanting/praying/kneeling which goes on. I have had longer conversations with my cousins at these funerals than I have in the last five years.

In 2008 I have learnt:

that I am good with small projects - Going by the number of completed small projects (mainly hats and scarves) and the number of completed larger projects (I'm thinking things like jumpers and cardigans) in 2008, I think that I need to work with my strengths (short attention span) and not get too hung up about my weaknesses (commitment phobia). I read knitting blogs every day where people are churning out a finished object every other week. I have come to accept that it is OKAY to not finish a project, that it is OKAY that friends and family don't get knitted presents from me, and more importantly, it is OKAY to have more than one project going at any given time.

that public transport and I will have to learn to live with each other - for my 18th birthday, I bought myself a new car. It probably wasn't the wisest decision for an 18 year old to make as I worked my ASS off for years to pay off that huge shiny red "love of my life". She was a red 1995 Honda GTI (automatic - because for the life of me, I CANNOT work a manual car) and guys on the road used to want me to race them (as if I would want to race my beautiful BRAND NEW car!). Anyway, now that its gone, I have not replaced her. Nor do I think I will in the near future as the environmentally responsible thing to do is NOT to have a car. But seriously, sometimes it kills me not to be able to go wherever I want to because Sydney transport is so crappo. I now buy train tickets in 3 month blocks, own pre-paid bus tickets and even have an inkling as to how buses work and how much I need to pay. A year ago, I didn't even know where the bus stops were.

So, after all that, Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009. I look forward to keeping up with my "every year's" resolution of being more organised, knitting more small and (hopefully) large projects, being more environmentally aware, persuading more people to take up running, converting more people to use less plastic (myself included) and convincing the BFG to take shorter showers.