Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A knitting post... Koolhaas

The BFG is currently visiting his motherland on the other side of the world. To ensure that the cold in the northern hemisphere does not cause permanent damage to his brain cells and that we can continue to have adult conversations when he comes back, I made him this:

Pattern: Koolhaas - by Brooklyntweed
Yarn: Naturally Harmony 10 ply - 1.3 skeins used
Picture: When I asked him to take a picture for me of the hat, in my mind I had envisioned him with Koolhaas in front of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Instead, this is a picture of him in front of his grandmother's old house.

I actually started making this around August last year and completed it. But when he tried it on, it was too long and to make it fit properly, he would have had to roll the rim which I didn't like the look of. So, I just left it sitting there. I figured we were moving towards warmer weather and so there was no hurry to try to fix it. Anyway, I told him I'll try to get it sorted before he leaves. This of course didn't happen till literally a week beforehand. The pattern calls for 5 pattern repeats for the male version, and seeing as it was a smidge too long, I'd rip it back to 4.5 repeats. I think I was overestimating my skills in reading my own knitting. This pattern used a stitch marker which moved every 6th and 8th row of the pattern. So of course, there was no way I would be able to rip it back and work out where I was. I ended up ripping it right back to the ribbing and started knitting pretty much from scratch. I seriously hope he takes care of this hat because there is no way I'm going to be making another one. The cable needle nearly drove me insane. To top it off, I was knitting this on what must have been Sydney's hottest days in his really hot apartment.

Anyway, I've soon got another finished object to share and that is the Minimalist cardigan I was knitting. I've knitted up all the pieces, they are blocked (as well as I could do this) and now waiting to be sewn up. If anybody out there has some good tips on making this process less painful (like any outsourcing companies who might want to take the job), please let me know!! I feel like I need to enlist professional help.

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  1. Hey. I was in York, oh, five years ago, before I started knitting, so my knowledge of yarn there is sadly lacking. I do remember a teeny shop in The Shambles that sold yarn. It was one of those where you had to ask the proprietor to take down stuff you wanted to look at. My sister knitted, so I was in there to buy a souvenir for her.

    As for interesting yarns around York...I can't say I know what there may be. But there are lots of independent dyers and spinners that I've found in the UK from just driving around and spotting signs.


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