Friday, January 02, 2009

Year in Review

In 2008:

I got a new job - I seem to get a new job every time I move house. I'm not sure why this is, but for the last several years, each time I have moved house, not long after, I find myself a new job. (Someone once thought that I got a new job each time I got a new boyfriend - but I've had more different jobs than I have ex-boyfriends so that can't be it). So having moved house in late 2007, it was time to move on. I wasn't actively looking but I was feeling a bit bored at my last job and I wasn't quite sure how to handle this weird situation with a married German colleague (as in I didn't quite know how to tell him to just f*ck off). Anyway, word got out that I had itchy feet and an email offering me an interview saw me start the new job in February. A job which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Okay, not so much love as in - really, I'd rather be working than knitting sort of love.

I met the BFG - I've always found it interesting to see how other bloggers introduced new flames and extinguished the old. For me, I chose to just stop writing about him. But how to introduce a new person in your life without explaining where the old one went? Well, I figured that most people who read this blog are my friends and already know what is going on in my life. Others who found it through Google probably don't really care. So while Princess Mary met Prince Frederick of Denmark - I met the BFG (who unfortunately is in no way related to the Royals).

my Grandmother died - I've always had a strange relationship with my grandmother who passed away in April. Each time I visited, she would ask me "So, when are you getting married?" And each time, I would reply "Not yet" (I'm not quite sure why I didn't try to come up with something wittier, but somehow I don't think she would have got it). Anyway, the last time I visited her before she was transferred to a nursing home, she was still conscious and her question to me again (and mind you, this is from a woman suffering from dementia) was "When are you getting married?"

I finally graduated from my post-grad studies - I realise that academia and I were not meant for each other. I loved going to the lectures, participating in the discussions in tutorials and getting student discounts again. But I hated, loathed and was generally quite averse to the actual assignments required to pass subjects.

I went to Vietnam - When I went to Vietnam in August, I had this thing about photographing all these different signs that had the name (or word) "Lien" on it. I don't know why (could have something to do with my narcisstic tendencies?). From this, I realised that my mother could not have chosen a more common name. I had no trouble finding signs, etc with "Lien" plastered on it. It was on most buses as well. Go figure.

my uncle died - So having gone through my thirty years with no close family dying. In 2008, I experienced two. The thing about Chinese Buddhist funerals is that a) they go on for days and b) there is a huge amount of chanting/praying/kneeling which goes on. I have had longer conversations with my cousins at these funerals than I have in the last five years.

In 2008 I have learnt:

that I am good with small projects - Going by the number of completed small projects (mainly hats and scarves) and the number of completed larger projects (I'm thinking things like jumpers and cardigans) in 2008, I think that I need to work with my strengths (short attention span) and not get too hung up about my weaknesses (commitment phobia). I read knitting blogs every day where people are churning out a finished object every other week. I have come to accept that it is OKAY to not finish a project, that it is OKAY that friends and family don't get knitted presents from me, and more importantly, it is OKAY to have more than one project going at any given time.

that public transport and I will have to learn to live with each other - for my 18th birthday, I bought myself a new car. It probably wasn't the wisest decision for an 18 year old to make as I worked my ASS off for years to pay off that huge shiny red "love of my life". She was a red 1995 Honda GTI (automatic - because for the life of me, I CANNOT work a manual car) and guys on the road used to want me to race them (as if I would want to race my beautiful BRAND NEW car!). Anyway, now that its gone, I have not replaced her. Nor do I think I will in the near future as the environmentally responsible thing to do is NOT to have a car. But seriously, sometimes it kills me not to be able to go wherever I want to because Sydney transport is so crappo. I now buy train tickets in 3 month blocks, own pre-paid bus tickets and even have an inkling as to how buses work and how much I need to pay. A year ago, I didn't even know where the bus stops were.

So, after all that, Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009. I look forward to keeping up with my "every year's" resolution of being more organised, knitting more small and (hopefully) large projects, being more environmentally aware, persuading more people to take up running, converting more people to use less plastic (myself included) and convincing the BFG to take shorter showers.


  1. I totally took pictures, in Vietnam, of signs with my name on it, too!

    And, at one point, we saw a shop awning with my sister's first *and* middle names on it. So that was cool.

  2. Bring on all the fun of 2009! :)

    ps. email me for access to my blog if you'd like.


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