Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To the zoo

On a rather wet and rainy Saturday, the BFG and I decided (well actually, I decided) that we should go to the Zoo. The main reason for the visit was so we could see this absolute darling:

I was saying to the BFG, "so we're going to see the Pygmy Rhino". He replied with that exasperated tone that is nomally reserved for little people under the age of five "It's a Pygmy Hippo that we're going to go see". I'm not sure why I had it in my head that it was a rhino, but the one I wanted to see was the new baby!

A trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without a visit to see the controversial Asian elephant exhibit:

I fully support the breeding programs of the zoos, but actually seeing the elephants in such a small enclosure, I truly believe that they should have been sent to Western Plains Zoo where there would be more space for them.

We also spent a lot of time looking at the Giraffes as the BFG felt a common connection with them because of their height.

Despite the small enclosures for some of the animals, they do get the best view:

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