Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So she says...

Last night, I went out with a few friends (baby and toddler in tow - theirs not mine) for dinner and drinks. Dinner was a rather mundane affair at Hurricane's which had opened up in Darling Harbour - is it me or does having a fantastic view over the harbour give restaurants the right to serve just "so-so" food?

The highlight of the evening was a tarot card reading at the Watershed pub. I guess anything to draw in the crowds during this current "economic climate". A quick shuffle of the cards, cut the cards into 3 piles and then pick one pile was all that was required to have my fortune told.

Here is a quick summary of what she said to me:

  • There is an older man with a child who I will be getting closer with.

  • I will be made an offer to work overseas and I'll have to make a decision as to whether or not that is something I want to do.

  • I should be expecting a windfall in the form of a salary increase or bonus - more than I expected.

  • I will be making some financial decisions which will be quite positive.

  • A younger sister will be successful in whatever she does.

  • My family situation is good.

Okay, so she wasn't exactly the most exciting clairvoyant out there but it might have something to do with the fact that I was probably number 2359034831 person of the day to ask for a reading.

I have to say, I am a bit sceptical of these sorts of things (although I do subject myself to a daily read of the horoscopes when things aren't working out swimmingly for me - it's really TALKING TO ME!!)...

Anyway, with what she has to say, as far as I know the BFG does not have a child out there somewhere (how creepy would that be??) and there is no way I would want to date someone with a child - I'm reserving my "children love" for my own (people tell me that it will kick in when you have your own children - so we'll see).

As for the money situation - jeez, I really really really want that to happen. But this is why I'm sceptical:

  • The press keeps telling us that Australia is headed into a recession due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC - or Global Fool's Crisis - as I read somewhere) AND I work for an investment bank. I'm lucky I still have a job, so why would they be offering me a salary increase now?

  • Isn't everyone coming into a windfall with the Government's $900 handout?
  • I completely suck when it comes to managing my own finances (ok BFG - you didn't just read that) so I doubt I would be making any great financial investments.

In terms of my family situation - well let's just say we haven't exactly been The Cleavers for a while. Although the bit about my younger sister might be true as she's a bit of a go-getter and the BFG and I (well it's mainly my idea) have talked about moving to Venice (this was just a random idea I had one day - why not Venice?).