Monday, April 20, 2009

Finished objects but nothing to show

I've been bad with the blogging. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm bad with taking photos - or taking photos and then getting around to getting them off my camera. That has been my excuse for not blogging anyway.
If you actually go to my blog rather than read this through an RSS reader, you'll notice that I've updated my progress bars on my projects. Firstly, Cobblestone has been finished, Anna's shawl is now 90% done, I've killed off the Mr Bean Bear and added a few other things which I have finished recently.

I finally sewed up the Minimalist Cardigan after the BFG nagged (it was kind of sitting on his couch for about 2 months) and I love it. It's kind of heavy but that might have something to do with the very dense moss stitch. After finishing off that particular piece, I had this renewed energy to actually make an effort to finish off other languishing projects. Which of course leads me to Cobblestone which I started for my dad (ages ago). I stopped because I couldn't get my head around the short rows. So I fudged it a bit (but I think I get it now).

Anna's shawl - I tried to get the same colour again (I didn't even care about the dye lot) but Bendigo Woollen Mills no longer make it so I'm using a similar yarn but in a shade darker to finish off the border and be done with it. I love it but I'm over it too. It's a lace shawl with 36 or 38 repeats - I've only done about 25 and then ran out of yarn.

As you can see, no photos - I think I'll try to put some up soon. But no promises.
I realise that my weekends have been rather unproductive. A lot might have to do with just being sucked into that mindless vortex that is the television, catching up with friends and just generally not doing very much - although I think the BFG would disagree with that statement. He's happy to potter around the apartment all weekend, but that would seriously drive me insane. I need to get out of the house at least once every day.

The only other exciting news I've got to share is that the BFG and I are going to New Zealand in September. We're only going for the weekend (leaving Friday in the afternoon and returning first thing Monday morning). I'm excited because it will be our first trip away together - if we don't kill each other, it might mean we can attempt somewhere further away (like Venice). And the other reason why I'm quite excited is that spinning wheels are $100 cheaper (the Ashford brand ones anyway) over there than here in Australia. Okay, so I'm still thinking about the logistics of lugging home a spinning wheel but it's something to consider!

I took a spinning lesson quite a few years ago but never really got into it (and I've always thought that the hand spun yarn came out a bit "home-made") but I'm re-thinking the whole thing and might go get a couple of more lessons before making a commitment to buy.

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