Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something finished

That's me and my finished Minimalist Cardigan (bad picture - but it's just another black cardigan) and Cobblestone which I had finally finshed for my dad. This was yesterday on the BFG's balcony. He was playing computer games, so I set the timer on my camera phone for the picture. I'd use my camera except the battery was flat (and it was at my house) and I was impatient.

I look really tired - I wasn't really but some days, I just have that look. Generally it ties in with a bad hair day. I'm going through that "I think I should let my hair grow stage" which might last around 2 months before it annoys me so much that I'll make a visit to some random hairdresser and then sit there hating the haircut. I'm also thinking I need to start living the Weight Watchers way of life again.

I tried to find the cable thingy that goes from the phone to my computer but I've misplaced it (story of my life!) and remembered the Bluetooth function on the phone and my Mac. Love Love Love it when technology works. Zap, Zap, Zap and the photos were transferred.


  1. You look lovely - but the lighting is bad ;)

    Love the knitting!

  2. Hey Lien,
    I really admire people who finish what they started when it comes to knitting. I've still got so many unfinished projects stuffed in my craft box and they are not even as complicated as your delicious cardigan.

    Thank you for saying 'hi' over at my blog! x


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