Monday, August 03, 2009

Just a minute in July

I've decided to officially play along with the "Just a minute" meme. Other players here. So you can at least expect one post a month.

Reading: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I really enjoyed reading this book but it was a really hard slog. The BFG suggested it for our July bookclub book. Because we can't share a book (we read at different speeds), I bought a copy from the guy who sets up stall outside the hardware store in Newtown on the weekends and my friend Jill kindly lent me another copy.

Watching: Coco Avant Chanel, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Transformers, the Muppets (on DVD).

Celebrating: Heaps of birthdays! Most importantly my wonderful BFG. Happy Birthday BFG! I took him out to dinner at est. The service was wonderful and the food was fantastic.

Making: Elijah. I finally finished making up Elijah and even took him out when we went to Kazbah for brunch with the BFG and his friends. I had second thoughts about giving it to my nephew Baby J, (thoughts of slobber and a lot of yanking went through my mind) but he's cuteness packaged as a baby so who am I to deny him?

Getting used to: New haircut. One day while I was at home trying to rid myself of the hacking cough of death, I decided to trim my fringe. Looking like I'd been attacked by a hedge trimmer, I decided to go get a proper cut. Now I'm sporting a heavy straight fringe. Some days it looks good, and on others it looks like I've just stepped off the mainland.

Searching: For the perfect new home. The BFG and I are house hunting. It's taken up so much of my excess thinking time that I'm already a bit over it. And we've only seriously started looking in the last 2 weeks. I just wish the perfect house in the perfect suburb at the right price just magically appears. All before summer hits please. Another summer in the BFG's hot apartment is not something I'm looking forward to. But then I do have my real home to go to I suppose - that has air conditioning, all my stuff, my bed, my favourite piece of furniture.... hmmm... maybe we should just move into my place***

***Have you ever seen this old episode of Gilmore Girls where the mother (can't remember her name) dates this guy and they decided to move into her house but then things get a bit weird because there is an uneven balance of power over the living arrangements as he feels like he's living under her roof. Well that's what we are trying to avoid.


  1. Elijah is so cute! With the right ears, nose and limbs for popping into tiny mouth and chewing!

    "Just stepped off the mainland"! Wahahahahahahaha! I have a very blunt fringe too. Just don't go to bed with wet hair.

    It's so exciting to be looking for a new home! But the "looking" bit is quite a pain, isn't it? I hope you find something of your dream soon. And painlessly! x

  2. Fingers crossed with the house hunting... always a fun prospect.

    Oh that Elijah is ridiculously cute!!

  3. Hey Lien,
    I need you email address to send you the marmalade recipe. Can't seem to find it anywhere on your blog...or am I blind? x


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