Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forever young, I'm gonna be forever young...*

The BFG and I made a quick trip across to Christchurch, New Zealand (literally left Friday evening and returned first thing Monday morning) for a weekend away. I can't exactly say it was an impromptu, live by the seat of our pants, do something spontaneous because we're young and can go overseas at the drop of a hat - type of trip. I booked the tickets ages ago.

We basically spent the Saturday sightseeing around Christchurch. Went up the Cathedral (reminded me of that time I climbed the Arc de Triomphe but back then I was ten times more unfit than I am now). We also did the very touristy thing and took a ride on a gondola down the Avon River.

1. Christchurch Cathedral
2. New Regent St
3. The BFG (an uncooperative photo subject)
4. Tram
5. Punting on the Avon river
6. No entry sign (Of course I drove down that exact street.)
7. SOL Square (South of Litchfield) - funky bar district
8. Christchurch art gallery
9. Theatre next to the Arts Centre
10. Arts Centre
11. Avon River
12. BFG having a beer (very rare sight -he normally never drinks alcohol or coffee - or anything that I regularly indulge in.)
13. Me in front of the Cathedral. That scary hairy thing I'm waving around? It came off my jacket. So glad when the BFG pointed out that the stupid thing can be removed.

On Sunday, we decided to hire a car and drive out to Lyttleton and Akaroa which is just over the hills from Christchurch.

1. The speedy red Mazda 3 we hired to get to Akaroa
2. French street signs in Akaroa
3. Fish and chips
4. New Zealand green lip mussels
5. Me at Akaroa
6. New Zealand sheep - and no I was not about to hijack one for its wool!

It was a wonderful trip despite it being so brief. This is a great first step for us as it means we should be able to travel together when we go to Europe next year (fingers crossed nothing is going to jinx it). See the thing about me when it comes to travel is, that I can be quite a control freak. I'm pretty easy going once I arrive but its all the preparation for a trip beforehand that I need to have a say in. I agonise over things like which hotel to stay at (I changed my mind at least 4 times just for this trip), which travel insurance we should take out etc. I asked the BFG to book the hotel BUT I just couldn't NOT have a say in it. It's terrible and a character flaw, I know but I just can't help it. Oh well... Greece here we come!!

* song from the Tourism New Zealand ad


  1. Hey, we got married in Christchurch! And you know what? Despite having spent three days there, I remember almost nothing of it. Mostly 'cause it turned out I had an infected bug bite, and spent the night before my wedding hopped up on antibiotics.

    Some day I'll go back and this time, remember some of it, dammit.

  2. Great pics - not a bad spot for a little holiday! We went there earlier in the year for a few days and we walked along the Avon... the whole time I was thinking we should have been on the Avon not walking next to it.


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