Monday, November 02, 2009

A minute in Sep, Oct and all the bits in between

So joining a monthly meme is still not enough to keep me blogging more regularly. Terrible I know. I still read other people's blogs (actually I read a lot of blogs), I just neglect my own.

Anyway, in trying to keep with the theme:

Looking: We're still house hunting. However, I've decided to channel the "Information Professional" in me and actually do this in a structured and informed way. This weekend, instead of a few hurriedly scribbled notes on a notepad, I had a whole bunch of properties and their open times printed out which we sorted, prioritised and worked out the order in which we would see them.

Lunch at Pappa's Patisserie in Haberfield after viewing 7 properties

Reading: Heliopolis by James Scudamore. I haven't finished a book for my book club in a long time so I was pretty excited how quickly I got through this one. This was a nice easy read. I wasn't particularly engaged with the protagonist or the rest of his family but the descriptions of the divide between the rich and the poor in Brazil is a great eye opener.

Admiring: Book club was at my friend Becky's place. The BFG who did not read the book, wanted to come along because Becky bought one of these:

Image here

Watching: I am totally hooked on this season's "The Amazing Race" - they're in Cambodia now but they started the race going to Vietnam! Brought back all these memories. The other show which is bringing back memories is Luke Nguyen's Vietnam.

Making: Why is it that I always start something big just as the weather warms up? I'm currently knitting Coraline by Ysolda Teague. I've already done the main part of the body and now up to one sleeve.

Eating: October being the Sydney International Food Festival, my manager and I went to a couple of the "Let's do Lunch" specials. Unlike last year where we tried a few different places, this year we were so impressed with the massive steak at Mad Cow we went twice!

Running: The BFG and I both did the Bridge Run this year. I really think next year I can run the whole thing. Next week, I'm doing the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge again (5.6km).

Planning: Some holiday. I really need it. Since my trip to Vietnam last year, I have only had one day off work (apart from public holidays and being sick). The trip to New Zealand doesn't count as I was tired before I left and more tired coming home (on the first flight back in the morning). I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think the type of holiday I really want is one where I lie on the beach somewhere with a good book and some knitting (I'm not normally that type of holiday person, I'm the one that has the itinerary all planned out to the minute with specific sightseeing goals all mapped out). But seeing as we have a huge trip planned for next year (and how the RBA spoiled Christmas), it will more likely be a holiday by our pool (which is really just as nice).