Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birthday surprises

This seems rather indulgent and a bit smug at the same time - dedicating a whole post on what I received for my birthday and Christmas. As you may or may not know, my birthday happens to fall on Boxing Day. Most people when I tell them make sympathetic noises and lament on how sucky that can be. When I was at school, it did seem like a big deal as I was never there for people to fuss over like my friends had when they turned up to school on their birthday. But since entering the world of adults and started to work full time, I can see the positive side of having one's birthday fall on a public holiday. It means that I never have to work on that day.

I did receive a lot of presents this year, despite our family just doing Kris Kringle and only buying one present.

So my favourite? It has to be this:

The BFG and I have had many "discussions" as to why I "need" to have a KitchenAid mixer. Not just any mixer and definitely not the K-mix by Kenwood who is trying to look like a KitchenAid. So I was utterly surprised to open this on Christmas day.

You know when someone loves you when they buy you an expensive piece of kitchen equipment even though they secretly believe that you don't cook enough to warrant one. I've always wanted the almond cream one as I love how it looks so retro. Now we just need to find that house, with that perfect kitchen for me to display it... I mean, use it in.

So the other present I wanted to show off was this beautiful tatted choker which my friend of many talents Katie made for me. This was such a thoughtful gift and it looks absolutely stunning on.

I also received the third book in the Stieg Larsson Millenium trilogy from the BFG's parents and so am keen to start reading the whole series. My sister and brother in law got me an umbrella with the Eiffel tower on it (ok - apart from my obsession with knitting, I also have a small collection of Eiffel towers collected from my own and other people's trips to France). My younger sister Lucille who is much more fashionable than I am got me new jeans which fit perfectly.

I also received some new notebooks from the BFG's sister and also my friend Becky. One of them, I'm saving as a travel diary for our upcoming trips this year and another I've decided to start writing in everyday again. I've always kept a diary but I find that I write more when I am particulary angry or upset about things and it's quite therapeutic. Not that I plan to be an angry and angsty person every day of the new year, but even writing down a line that summed up the day or week would be helpful when I want to remember things - good and bad.


  1. Anonymous8:14 am

    I look forward to tasting your efforts with the kitchenaid - the bfg

    PS I hope it is soon...yum yum

  2. Heh, I'm loving the whole KitchenAid/kMix thing.

    I'm getting a kMix instead of a KitchenAid partly because the kMix's grinder and other attachments are still made from metal instead of plastic. It's too hard to find one of the old KitchenAid attachments from before they stopped making them right.

    It would be nice if the kMix was cheaper since you're not "buying the brand" but that's not the case here in Australia. Oh well. Thank goodness for gift vouchers!

  3. What a Christmas/birthday loot you got there!

    I want a KitchenAid too. In green. But I don't think it's going to come from the boyfriend despite massive hints. He bought me an ice cream churner (hints dropped too) a few Christmases back and I've only used it once. In his male-brains, he most probably thinks that if he buys me the KitchenAid, it will suffer the same fate too. Maybe I should start making ice cream more often.

    Love yours! Very envious. Make sure you use it! If I get mine, the first thing I'll make it do is whip eggwhites for macarons. xx

  4. Hi BFG! Finally - a comment from you!! People are starting to think I made you up. Hope you liked the Jam drops I made!!

    Hello Tobin - obviously I've been totally sucked into the looks rather than functionality. I didn't realise that the KitchenAid attachments were plastic. The only other bits I want to get is the meat grinder and the bowl cover.

    Hi agin Likkle Girl - actually, I got given an icecream maker for my birthday one year. While it was a generous thought, it was totally useless.

  5. Mine is too. Especially when I'm used to an industrial model at work. The home-use one is sooo slow and troublesome. But...I resolve to make some ice cream or sorbet before the end of Summer. xx


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