Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Finding Nemo

The BFG was a bit offended by my last post of "nothing happening here". I suppose I feel like I've been so busy trying to get stuff done that I forget the stuff that I'm doing is actually quite significant. And the most significant is that I have finally moved in with the BFG.

We've practically been living together for the last year, but I still kept my room at my sister's place, paying rent and stopping by to pick stuff up whenever I needed it. Finally, I was sick of not having all my stuff in the one place and so we decided that I may as well officially move into the 2 bedroom flat he was already in. Anyway, there you have it, while I didn't think moving house was that exciting, I guess moving in together is something significant and worthy of a mention on this little blog.

So after the move, the BFG and I went to "find Nemo"...

We spent a week up at Port Douglas (an hour and bit out of Cairns). It's currently their wet season and so it rained on and off for most of the time we were there. Despite the rain, the weather was warm and a bit humid so we were still able to enjoy the pool in our hotel.

We booked a reef tour with Aristocat to go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. The day we went the weather was fantastic. Sunny blue skies and the reef was everything I imagined it to be (we went to 3 different sites out at the Agincourt ribbon reefs).

I was quite paranoid about being on open waters because I'm a pretty crap swimmer and I have a real fear of drowning (probably one of the worst ways to die). Luckily, the tour offered "flotation aids" which is just a fancy name for a pool noodle. I wasn't ashamed to take one (better to look the dork than be on the 6 o'clock news). The BFG who is a pretty good swimmer took one and then realised that it was hampering his diving down towards the coral (I was happy to just gently float on the surface) and ditched his at the third site we went to.

The day after, we were booked onto a day tour to the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation which also stopped at Mossman Gorge.

Me at Cape Tribulation

One of the things to see up in the Daintree is the Cassowary. If you've seen the movie Up, the whole tour was like the hunt for this elusive bird! We finally caught sight of it as we were leaving the Daintree.

We didn't see any crocodiles on our Daintree River Cruise but not to disappoint, we did manage to spot one or two when we went on the Lady Douglas river boat.

This was a truly relaxing holiday as we had quite a bit of time to do not very much. Generally not the way I holiday, but after having no time off last year, this was just perfect. Oh, the other thing which we did do a lot of was eat...

The tropical fruit up in Northern Queensland is so much cheaper than in Sydney. I couldn't resist and bought heaps of rambutans and mangosteens from the Sunday markets.

Our last night in Port Douglas we decided to have this huge seafood platter for two. I'm glad we saved this for last - it meant that I didn't have to try to fit into a swimming costume the next day!

We're definitely going to try to go back and perhaps next time, we might actually give diving a go.

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  1. The youngest is on a school excursion at the end of the year and we thought we'd head up that way. You've sold me. I want to book NOW!
    Glad you liked my specs ... and oh, congrats on making the move.


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