Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bye bye Melbourne

My flight to Melbourne was delayed yesterday so felt like I had spent all morning waiting at the airport. I had a conference to attend in Albert Park (so pretty!).

I decided to take advantage of this trip to Melbourne and stayed an extra day to catch up with friends and do some shopping. I've been following Pip's blog - "Meet me at mike's" for a while, so I decided to drop by her little shop in Fitzroy to have a sticky beak.

I'm quite in love with the Melbourne trams! Really wish Sydney would put them back in and go to where people need to go - instead of just servicing a handful of people!


  1. The trams are so good aren't they. Where do you want to go? Oh, hey, that tram over there says that on it. Not some random guess like "eastern suburbs" that we get. Sydney transport really makes you think.
    I couldn't handle the two-bag commute. I know I'd forget something and remember it hours later and well after it was on it's way to Richmond, or somewhere.

  2. Meet me at mike's is an awesome blog. I am hoping to drop by before the envelop project comes down. Glad you enjoyed your Melbourne trip :o)


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