Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And we're back

It's been two weeks since we arrived home and it feels like so long ago that we were half way across the world. I'm trying really hard not to dwell on my post holiday blues and get back into work and life in general. Luckily, there was a very cute, very small package waiting for me when I got back. A package in the form of a new nephew. Yep, my sister had another baby while we were away and Baby J (who is now a little terror in his own right) has someone he can pick on (or love - depending on the mood).

The other thing I had waiting for me when I got back was wisdom teeth surgery which I had done last Friday. Because I was getting more than 2 out, I had to go under a general anaesthetic. There is absolutely nothing fun about that.

Anyway, I'm going to start blogging about my trip. Normally, I keep a travel diary whenever I go overseas but this time, I didn't. It's all in my head and I have a lot of photos to help me remember.

This is the second time I've been to Europe. The last time was in 2000, I went by myself and joined a Contiki tour for 3 weeks. While I don't mind the organised tour, I think I had way more fun this time with the BFG doing our own thing. I think what made it so good was that I travelled with someone who I really enjoy being with (unlike organised tours where you're just confined to a bus with people you wouldn't normally share appetizers with) and in the case of Contiki tours - more Aussie bogans than you can poke a stick at. Sure, the BFG and I had a few disagreements while we were away (as the good people of Athens and York can attest), but at the end of the day, I'm still glad that it was him I was with when I found myself with a terrible sore throat and not being able to speak any Spanish to the pharmacist, or sharing the excitement when we thought we were spotting celebrities in London, or even having someone to sit next to on the plane (so you can try both the chicken AND the beef).

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