Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A couple more photos of the Sound (or Sund - in Danish) near where the BFG's parent's live.

Vindeby Harbour

Svendborg Sund Bridge

So the week we spent in Denmark, we had ONE sunny day and I'm so glad we got to go to Ærøskøbing which in on the island of Ærø. This meant a trip on the ferry and the BFG's dad took the car. (If you read the Denmark section in Bill Bryson's book "Neither here nor There", he talks about taking ferries in Denmark and the whole time we were on the ferry I was reminded of his book.)


Church in Ærøskøbing


Doors of Ærøskøbing

Summer house - Ærøskøbing

Smoked Mackeral and beer

We decided to go to Ærøskøbing after reading about it in my very old "Europe on a Shoestring" Lonely Planet guide (the one I bought the first time I went to Europe but didn't read at all the whole time I was there!). But in that guide, they called it Ao which is either an oversight in Editor's proofreading, or they couldn't get the Æ letter to happen on their printers (I couldn't work out how to get these Danish letters to appear either. I've just been copying and pasting what the BFG had typed previously in my Picasso albums!!)

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