Saturday, December 04, 2010


It's been a while since the last post hasn't it? I haven't forgotten about my trip. Lots happening on the home front and most of it not good. I've been so sad, angry and trying to cope that it seems everything is secondary. And unfortunately this blog is one of the little things in my life that gets neglected. But I'm trying to stay positive and get back into life.

Anyway, back to my trip and happier times. We stayed in Copenhagen for 4 days. After the disastrous attempt at riding a bike back in Svendborg, the BFG decided it best if we (or me) not attempt to ride a bike in supposedly bike friendly Copenhagen.

Louisiana - Modern Art Gallery

Kronborg Castle

Finally a photo of me! Nyhavn

Royal Opera House

Cheap cheap raspberries!!

It was September and the Danish elves were already out to play

What would a visit be to Denmark be without seeing the Queen?


  1. Hope you're ok gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Lara! It's always a bit difficult to cope when there is sickness in the family. Most of the time I just feel helpless.


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