Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ladies who lunch

I've taken a week off work to basically not do very much. The ironic thing about this is that I've been quite busy. I had planned to take a week off just to be away from work and catch up on doing house things, shopping, going to the movies by myself, etc. But I realised that I actually have quite a few friends (and my sister who works from home when my nephews are in day care) who are free during week days. Oh, if I only I could be like them!!

Needless to say, my week off has already been quite full on. Monday I visited a friend who is on maternity leave, so it was nice to hang out with her and her daughter (and husband who happened to be sick at home that day). Tuesday was spent hanging out with my sister and my nephews. Gosh I love them, but my eye finally stopped twitching when they went home! Wednesday was spent having lunch with two lovely friends and trying something new!

I have since made three recipes from this cook book.

You may recall that the BFG and I visited Ottolenghi when we were in London last September. I ended up ordering both books and have made two recipes this week, the honey, rosewater and hazelnut chicken, and the kosheri (a rice and lentil dish). Last weekend, I made the roast lamb. It's a fantastic cookbook and all the recipes are quite tasty. I also have Plenty by Ottolenghi as well which is the vegetarian cookbook, so looking forward to making a few dishes out of that one.

Yesterday I met up with two friends for a coffee. Not just any coffee, one that cost $9 a pop. It was for Kopi Luwak! That's right, coffee from coffee beans which have passed through a cevit. To be honest, it was nothing special. Or the guy who made it burnt ours.

I also baked some Pane de Casa, recipe here which turned out nice and chewy.

This morning is spent reading blogs, blogging and enjoying my craft room.

Soon, I'm off to another lunch! I really could get used to this!

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