Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Keep on Posting

Hello!! I'm back. Well sort of. I feel guilty about this blog. I still love blogging, but as Pom Pom says, life gets in the way. So just a recap on what I've been up to.

       Visiting my parents in Goulburn in Spring when the canola fields were out in full yellow force.

Pandering to little people (note - he's not mine! Some days I wish he was and some days I'm glad to hand him back)

Making copious amounts of caramel popcorn - recipe here.

Still running - mostly just doing the Bay Run but I did do the City to Surf for the first time this year and again the Bridge Run.

Visiting friends in Dungog and trespassing to see abandoned historic farmhouses.

Eating Danish hotdogs at the Danish Christmas Fair

Drinking French beer at the Belgian Beer cafe

Christmas in the City

Knitting shawls with Danish yarn

Baking Christmas cookies and making the kitchen a mess!!

Birthday dinner at Assiete

Playing with my new Mac Book Pro on our new outdoor setting (we are officially all grown up now! We own an outdoor setting!!)

I'm looking forward to 2012 because I finally feel settled. We moved into our new home in late March 2011, and got married a week later. The house still isn't how I want it to be. But as the BFG says, "we don't have to do everything straight away".

I realised that I really suck when it comes to resolutions. So rather than have resolutions, I've got some goals I'd like to accomplish in 2012.

First up is swimming lessons. I sort of do know how to swim but know that I can improve. We also bought a 20 pass to the local swimming pool and we're going to try to go every day for the rest of our holidays.

Secondly, excercise more. In the last few years I've been pretty good with the running but I only really run enough to get through a running event or to keep my weight at bay. I think I really should try to improve, either through speed or distance. I also need to be more consistent with the running too. The BFG bought me a new pair of fancy schmancy runners so have no excuse now.

Thirdly, be happy. Throughout 2011, I felt like some days were such a battle. Not that I can't get out of bed type of battle, but more like, "crap, who do I need to chase up now" type of battle. It's tiring and makes me cranky. This year, I'm just going to tackle these people and problems like it's just another task to get done, rather than get all antsy and angry about it.

And of course, I say this every year blog more. Now that I have a new computer, yet again, no more excuses. I have a lot to say and sometimes I don't think the BFG really wants to hear all of it.


  1. Yep, welcome back from me too :) and I look forward to more posts. Am so gonna try that caramel popcorn!

  2. Yay! Welcome back :)


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