Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little road trip

A couple of weekends ago, the BFG and I took a little road trip to Narranderra (about 6 hours out of Sydney) for our friend Fiona's birthday. We don't normally do road trips because the BFG isn't a fan of long drives. He'd rather jump in a plane and just get there. I did look at flying when I realised it was a six hour drive and we were going there and back in one weekend. But only Regional Express fly there and for the both of us, it would have been close to $1000. For that sort of money, we could have gone overseas (like Tasmania overseas!). So driving it was.

The Big Merino - no wool
We stopped over in Goulburn on the way there and stayed one night with my parents. There is a great bakery at the big Merino which I can highly recommend.

Windmills along the way
We sped through Gundagai but didn't stop at the Dog on the Tucker Box, straight pass Wagga Wagga and then finally through to the Riverina district where there were massive signs warning the dangers of bringing fruit into the area.

There wasn't much to do when we got to Narranderra because pretty much everything closes after 12pm. But we did get to see Fiona's lovely house with the fantastic vintage cooker (which isn't used). We also decided to go to the Tourist Information to see what there is to do for the rest of the day before heading over to the party.

Largest playable guitar
The Tourist Information Centre actually houses one of Narranderra's attractions. The World's biggest playable guitar (record held in 1994?). Of course the BFG felt the need to start twanging it, much to my embarrassment considering it was deathly quiet in the centre (we were the only ones there).

The other thing to do in Narranderra apparently is to spot Koalas. Now, I've NEVER seen a koala in the wild. They're really not that easy to come by. So we asked the woman at the counter who told us that we probably won't need to drive right into the sanctuary because some of the koala's have escaped so I was pretty excited about prospect of seeing one of those sleepy Australian icons.

It was only a short drive and went into "The Common" and kept our eyes peeled. The place is rather badly sign posted and actually looks like a scene from The Blair Witch Project. We only passed maybe 2 other cars. Anyway, still looking, looking..... still looking... still looking... and nothing. We drove right up to the sanctuary and even got out of the car and started walking around (while being attacked by these ginormous ants). The way the woman in the Information Centre was going on, you would have thought the area was inundated with koalas. Nothing, nudda, nil, zero, zilch. Not a koala in sight.

Anyway, we gave up and went back to the hotel to mooch around until we were ready to go the party which was just slightly out of town on a property. The theme was 70's.

Me in my 70's getup. This was the best I could do having only spent 3 years in the 70's.
There was shag pile carpet, lots of old records, and mostly everyone dressed up. It was fantastic. The property was absolutely gorgeous and you wouldn't believe that you were on a huge working sheep farm. The best thing that I noticed straight away was how friendly everyone was.

After leaving Narranderra, I realise what a charmed life Fiona and her husband have made for themselves. When they first said they were going to move to Narranderra, the BFG and I were like "why?" But I can see how moving out of Sydney has been so great for them. Cheaper property prices, less traffic, less people and being able to work for herself and from home. And most importantly, having extra time to do other things. Me, jealous? - not much.


  1. Wow!! I feel honoured to have a blog about my party and your visit!! That's so cool!! :)

    Next time you guys come this-a-way, when you're ready for the next long drive :), there'll be heaps we can show you slightly out of town that you'll enjoy, even on a weekend, especially you Lien.

    Re the koalas, you really need to be there first thing in the morning, but it's still possible to see them high high up in the trees later in the day.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and can see what we love about living here. And I love your photos of the party.


  2. Sounds like a great time. When I was a kid growing up in Newport we had koalas in the back yard, and also in the school playground. Sometimes they would fight, and come down from the trees to run across the ground to a new tree. Such a shame we have forced them all out so they are now rare.

    Go Lars and the twanging! As a recent enthusiast of the ukulele, I would have twanged too!


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