Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lisette - a-long

About a month ago, I bought a few of the Lisette sewing patterns from and promptly put them away for when I have more time (and better sewing skills). Then I saw on Curlypops that she is hosting a Lisette sew-along and that Spotlight is selling the Lisette patterns and fabric. I decided I may as well just give this a go. So today, a quick trip to Spotlight (which also included a stopover at Costco), I came home with the fabric and thread. I'm not making the same dress as Ms Curlypops seeing as I already had some patterns that I wanted to make first.

I'm really hoping to be able to do this. I just really struggle with time. Weekdays are pretty much out because now that I'm a "morning person" I am totally out by around 9.30pm. And considering I don't get home from work till about 7.15pm, there isn't much left to my night.

My mornings are generally - get up at 5.30am, mooch around, coffee and then go for a run around 6.15am. I've built up to 30 minute full runs again and my goal is to finally get to 10km of straight running.

I have also started my swimming lessons. Basically I go swimming with the BFG and my sister/s on Saturday morning and then at 12.30 pm, I go to my swimming lessons. I've already had 4 lessons which has been fantastic. Because I'm not a complete beginner, these lessons are really a way of pushing me back into swimming freestyle. This morning I managed 40 metres, so just shy of completing the full length of the pool. The goal for end of term is to be able to swim freestyle for a full 50 metres.

So while the freestyle swimming has been going great guns, I've come to the realisation that I can't float. My feet immediately start to sink and then water over my face and it's all over, red rover. I can do a mushroom float, but I don't think that would be terribly useful if the boat I was on suddenly exploded and I was thrown into the deep vast ocean and the only way to survive is to float until I'm rescued (yes, vivid, active imagination - that's me).


  1. Can't wait to see which one you make!

  2. I hope you get your dress done in time. I bought this fabric too!!!! Looking forward to seeing this fabric in another style since you're using another pattern :)


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