Saturday, May 05, 2012

She Runs the Night

On Thursday, I ran the night! Along with over 3000 other women who signed up for Nike's She Runs The Night 13km run. I've been training for this for the last 2 months. At first I thought I'd try to get to 10km but when I found out about this event on Facebook, I thought, what the hey, if I can do 10K, what's another 3 eh? I did this with my friend Mickey and I have to say, it was one of the best runs I've done so far. The event was really well organised and it seemed like a fantastical (I made up this word) and well choreographed event. It was only marketed through Facebook, and Nike organised week day run clubs leading up to it.
Excuse the creepy red eyes!
Centennial Park was lit up beautifully and it was quite exhilarating running with a whole bunch of other women all dressed in black. I know that this was a huge marketing campaign (and all the evils that are normally associated with multi-national companies doing this sort of thing) BUT it was really well done. There was a real party atmosphere with DJ's playing at the start getting everyone really pumped. Ruby Rose was also there as an ambassador for the run and all the Nike staff were so enthusiastic.

And boy did I have shoe envy!! All those bright coloured Nike Free shoes were so cool (yes I'm a sucker for pretty).

Waiting for the run to start
I had a few fails that night. Firstly, when we jumped into the cab to make our way to Centennial Park, I realised I had left my earphones at the office. CRAP! I have to run with music, otherwise, it would just be me and my thoughts and I don't like listening to my heavy breathing (because then it feels like I'm working too hard, and it becomes too hard - yeah strange). Luckily I was able to buy a super cheap pair from the convenience store at Fox Studios.

Second fail of the night was my iphone. My Runkeeper kept crashing and when it finally came up, it couldn't get a GPS signal. GREAT... (time for a new phone!). Then I thought, as long as I have the music, I'll still get a time at the end with my timing chip. The iPod function on the phone very nearly didn't happen either but it eventually started.

On most of my runs I have a 3km slump. So basically, the first 3km of any of my runs (whether it be 5K, 10K, whatever) is the most difficult for me. I find that I really struggle even when I start off slow. I feel like my legs get tired and I'm running out of breath. But after that, I'm all good. I get into a sort of rhythm and feel like I can keep going forever (of course, this is assuming there are no hills).

Ruby Rose
The funniest thing that happened was when the BFG tried calling me when I was up to my last kilometre. I tried to ignore the call and all I can hear was him saying "hello, are you there?" and then the music stopped because the stupid iPhone (second gen) couldn't cope with two things happening at once.

Anyway, I finished with a final time of 1 hr 20 min 22 sec which is in line with my usual training regime. 5km in 30 mins. I really hope they organise this again next year.

Now I'm considering doing the half marathon in September but we I'm not sure if that might be a bit too ambitious.

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  1. I am so impressed, and inspired! I will remember the 3 kilometre rule and keep going, instead of falling in a heap.


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