Friday, July 27, 2012

Europe 2012 - Amsterdam

We're currently in Copenhagen, having already done our Amsterdam and Berlin leg of our trip. Amsterdam was the "luxury" part of our trip as we were also spending the BFG's birthday there.

 I LOVE AMSTERDAM. I really could live there in a heartbeat (but then that could be the holiday me saying that).

I booked 3 nights at the Canal House Hotel in the Jordaan after reading about it on the Apartment Therapy website. This is a really lovely boutique hotel with great service and just so beautiful!

Breakfast room

Black themed Canal House

Canals of Amsterdam
House Boat
The weather in Amsterdam was pretty crappy. It rained quite a bit while we were there but it didn't bother us too much. W

Pic of me to prove that I was really here!
  The transport system in Amsterdam is fantastic. We pretty much walked and took trams everywhere. It really makes me sad that public transport in Sydney is so crap. We decided not to hire bikes, well, lets be honest here. I'm pretty crap at it. The last time we were in Denmark, I borrowed my mother in law's bike and for the very short ride, I was in pain for at least the next few days.

When the BFG and I were going out, I mentioned that it would be nice to try living in Amsterdam. He thought it was another one of my hare-brained ideas, but when we were there, it felt like it's not something beyond our reach.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

On "the verge" and my Lisette Portfolio dress

Since the BFG and I moved into our house, we've become those couples that visit garden centres on the weekend and watch "Better Homes and Gardens". Our other favourite is "Gardening Australia". The BFG is particularly curious as to where Costa's verge is and with his powers of deduction and problem solving, he worked out where it was.

Today we went to visit a friend of mine who loves gardening and lives in a very challenging house near the beach to admire her garden and vegetables in planter boxes. I was extremely inspired to really give my veggie patch another go this Spring after seeing all her rocket, herbs, silverbeet and other edibles growing quite prolificly in a salty environment. 

We decided to go look for the verge as it's not very often that we venture to this part of town.
Some of the veggies on the verge

Fennel and other herbs - no dig garden
I was quite jealous of how well the kale did and noticed that it was already being picked. I planted kale into a planter box and put it near our front door as it gets the most sun. I'm hoping that it will fare better than the veggies in my backyard.

I've already shoved a couple of the potatoes that my mother gave me (and had started to sprout) into the veggie bed and on the BFG's last inspection, they had started to grow.  I think one of the main problems (although I think the BFG will claim it's my lack of commitment to the garden), is the fact that our backyard doesn't get a lot of sun as we have these huge trees from the reserve behind our house overshadowing everything. We also have a lack of bees which we hope to rectify with some lavender we planted a couple of weeks ago.

Lisette Portfolio Dress (Simplicity 2245)

Pockets - very useful
I also finally finished another dress (Lisette Portfolio dress - Simplicity 2245) using Lisette fabric. I started off cutting the pattern for the tunic but then decided to make the dress because I had a lot of the fabric. This was an interesting make as it included pockets. The only difficult part I found with this pattern was working out the yoke.

The thing I love about following patterns (whether they be knitting or sewing), is that someone somewhere in the world has made one and probably had the same problem I experienced. A quick Google search and I found an explanation on how to do the yoke. 

Anyway, hope Costa didn't think we were being weird and stalking him.