Sunday, August 19, 2012

A birthday in Amsterdam

Looks like torture

De Kas

De Kas - garden

De Kas - lights

De Kas - Aperitif

Fresh food and local produce

Most delicious tomato salad ever

De Kas - as evening sets

De - Kas

Red light district - Amsterdam

Amsterdam canals by night
We celebrated the BFG's birthday in Amsterdam. I wanted to book somewhere nice for his birthday and was already researching this before we left for our trip. I did think about trying to book at Noma in Copenhagen, but seriously, can't be bothered with their booking system. I would have had to check their website daily, three months leading up to the date to try to get a table. I read good things about De Kas and seeing as we would have been in Amsterdam on the day, I thought this would be great.

And it really was! All the food is grown on the restaurant's own farm, or in their greenhouse or sourced locally. It was fantastic and the price! Sydney fine dining restaurants need to get some lessons on how to run a great restaurant at decent prices. We had great service (none of this hoity toity crap you get in Sydney) and the location was fantastic (inside a giant glass greenhouse).

We also got our feet nibbled on earlier in the day. This really kind of grossed me out but the last time we were in the UK (in York specifically), there was a place that offered this but I was too chicken to try even though I knew the BFG was game. Seeing as it was his birthday I knew it would be something he'd get a kick out of. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and my feet felt nice and soft afterwards (could have been the soaking in the water, but I like to think the fishies did their job).

What's a trip to Amsterdam without a visit to the red light district? The canals are also lit up beautifully in the evenings. Oh and the thing I got a kick out of the whole time we were away? The fact that it was still light at 10pm. I LOVED that!

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