Monday, August 13, 2012

Amsterdam continued

Posts covered in denim

The shop - can't remember the name now, sells super exxy jeans.

Flower market

Floating garden (look closely)

Heineken Experience

Artis Royal Zoo

Band of bandits
We're home now and I'm just getting around to uploading my photos. There was a lot of walking and I felt that my feet were constantly swollen. We did a very touristy thing and went to the Heineken Experience. Last time we were in Copenhagen, we went to the Carlsberg brewery as well and felt that we should see what Heineken had to offer. I must say, it's very slick compared to Carlsberg but the BFG and I felt that it was more about the marketing and telling the world how great Heineken was. In comparison, Carlsberg was a bit more down to earth with a museum showing the history of Carlsberg and a friendlier bar where we we tasted the beer.

We also went to the zoo. Not something we would normally do while overseas but we bought the I AM Amsterdam card which included entry to museums and transport and we were trying to maximise it. I'm glad we did as I finally got to see racoons!

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  1. Lovely photos Lien. Thought of you two while you were away, particularly on the 17th July. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday.


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