Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bye bye Amsterdam - hello Berlin

Above ground water - pipes for construction (either water or sewerage)

Potsdamer Platz

Monsieur Vuong - Vietnamese restaurant

Berliner Dom - Museum Island

I think this was taken at Museum Island Berlin

World War II war memorial - Neue Wache

Bebelplatz Book burning memorial


Brandenburg Gates

Inside the Deutsche Bank Building - Berlin

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

What's left of the Berlin Wall
I was sad to leave Amsterdam (like I said, I can live there) but I was also really excited to go to Berlin. We ended up staying in Berlin for one day more than I had planned because I stuffed up the Berlin to Copenhagen flights (costly mistake!!). But I'm so glad I did. There was so much to see and do in.

Berlin was a bit of an "out there" choice for this trip. Very random but mostly because I have been reading Sandra's blog for quite a while and thought "why not?".

The BFG and I are into doing walking tours whenever we travel. While we were there, we did two walking tours - both run by Insider Tours. The guide who took us on both tours was just so enthusiastic. We loved it. I can't recommend enough walking tours through unfamiliar cities.

The funniest thing that happened to me while we were in Berlin was at the hotel we stayed at (Ku' Damm 101). For some bizarre reason, they gave us an accessible room. Now, I remember travelling when I was little and hotel rooms used to provide a laundry line in the bathroom so you can hang stuff up. So when I saw this red cord in the massive bathroom in our massive hotel room, I pulled it thinking I could wash my underwear and hang it. As soon as I did, this red light came on! Next thing I knew, the phone rang and the receptionist rang to see if everything was ok. When I explained what happened, she told me in a rather curt manner that it was for emergencies and not for flushing the toilet (not that I was trying to do that!).

The other thing about Berlin was how cheap alcohol was. Beer and kebab for less than AU$10? Score!  The thing I didn't get was currywurst. I couldn't see what the big deal was, it was a curry tasting sausage and you can get one on nearly every corner.

I was also really stoked at the cost of everything. I bought MAC and Benefit makeup for a fraction of what I would pay in Australia, discovered the Marimekko store near Alexanderplatz, and nearly died and went to vintage heaven when we went to a couple of flea markets - the BFG quite graciously said that I can buy some of this stuff if we ever move to Europe.

What I didn't really get around to was checking out some of the yarn stores. I did find one in Charlottenburg but they mainly stocked Italian yarn. When I asked about German yarns, the woman who worked in the yarn store told me that the Italian stuff sold better and the German stuff was a bit boring. Gah - I was hoping there would be a Berlin stockist of Wollmeise - oh well I did end up buying a couple of skeins of cashmere and saved my pennies for yarn buying when I got to Denmark.

We also managed to go see the Berlin production of Blue Man Group (done in both German and English). I had wanted to see this show when I was in Boston (many many moons ago) but ran out of time and never got around to it. The BFG who had seen in it New York (also many many moons ago) wanted to see it again because he thought it was so great. I'm not sure how to describe it (a series of skits?) but it's really worth seeing.

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  1. Great photos. We loved Berlin, but we were there in winter. It looks so different in summer! Did you go to the food floor at KaDeWe?


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