Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More of Berlin

Berliner Weisse - raspberry flavour

Eisbein and sauerkraut


Building sculpture - Kruezberg

Graffiti - aka Street art


Bullet ridden building - as part of our Third Reich tour


Bridge near the DDR museum

Proof that I was there - see no graffiti with "Lien woz ere" needed
A friend of mine described Berlin as one massive Newtown and I found Kreuzberg and Prezlauenberg to be like that. I guess it's the edgy student type area with the funky secondhand/vintage shops and cool little coffee shops and bars - so it was a great place to visit after the heavy historical walking tours we went on.

See the dress I'm wearing? Why I made it myself! It's the Lisette Portfolio (Simplicity 2245) dress (I went on a bit of a Lisette pattern spending spree at one point). I think I started off making the tunic but then changed my mind when I saw how much fabric was left over and changed it to the dress. Fabric is Lisette sateen as well. [Edit - just realised I've already posted about this - oh well you get to hear about it again!]

I look pregnant in this photo, but rest assured, it is just my gut from all the eating and cheap beer I was consuming. The weather was also picking up in the last two days we were in Berlin and was really starting to feel like summer - hence my squinty eye look.

I actually brought a few of my hand made clothes (including this mammoth effort of a knitted dress which I only ended up wearing to show to my in-laws).

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