Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blogging and why we do it

I've been thinking recently about all the blogs I read and all the ones I used to read and how many of them have fallen by the wayside. I still read a lot of blogs which are only updated infrequently because I subscribed to them through Google reader. There is a lot more action over at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that the humble blog seems to be neglected (or that its popularity has run its course).

For me, I still like having this little spot for me to jot down stuff that I've done and know that I still have a few people I know who still read my blog. I don't feel the need to promote my blog as I'm not trying to sell anything or end up getting any sort of endorsement (although if Georg Jensen ever decides to send me a little something something, just get in contact - my post with the picture of my fusion ring seem to come up A LOT and seems to be the one massive reason why I get new unique visitors).

While I really love getting comments (like proper comments from real people - not spammy crap), it's not a driving force for me to keep blogging. Having this blog reminds me to write. I don't really keep a journal anymore (my angsty tween/teen/young adult life used to consume pages and pages of drama), these days life seem to be bouncing along (not that the BFG thinks I'm less angsty) and I just need to remind myself that I enjoy writing and should be doing more of it.

The blogs I read are varied and include things like, knitting, lifestyle, cooking, design, interior design, knowledge management, information management/library, technology, and pretty much whatever else that catches my fancy. I like to be "in the know". I like looking at pretty pictures and getting a sneak peak into other people's lives. So while bloggers are still blogging, I'll still be reading.

Now for all those people who came here via that picture, here is another one - it's lovely (I still love mine), if you are looking at buying it for yourself, I say go for it. If you are a guy and thinking of buying one for yourself, totally go for it (my mother's diabetes specialist has one as his wedding ring) and if you are a looking to buy one for that someone special, then can I suggest the diamond encrusted (not just embedded) one?

Georg Jensen Fusion ring
Anyway, all this rambling is just to say that I've decided to participate in Blogtoberfest and to set myself a challenge to blog every day this October.

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  1. It's strange how blogs have all of a sudden become less popular.
    I still love it. When I go back four years and see what I was doing and what I was making, I'm just amazed. I'd be so sad if I didn't have that record.


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