Monday, September 10, 2012

I heart Copenhagen

Bottle recycling

Donating the refund 

Lakes District - Norrebro

Man made lakes

Test Tubes



More Smorrebrod

Illums Boglihus



Sand sculpture exhibition

I was here!
This time round, we decided to end our trip in Denmark. The main reason being, the whole family (as in my sister in law, brother in law and 2 nephews were coming from England) and this is the second time the whole family will be in the one country since our wedding last year. The other reason was so I could shop to my heart's content.

Denmark isn't exactly a shopping mecca as everything is really expensive. It's expensive to eat out, get coffee and just about any service is barely within our fiscal reach. But what is cheap comparatively to Australia is all things made in Denmark. Not that I was going to bring home a Poulson lamp or anything like that (although I did see a vintage one and was sorely tempted), but simple things like the Stelton vacuum jug which retails around $110 AUD, sells for around $60 AUD and it seems very common in all house holds. And for the Masterchef fans out there? Scanpan for $60 AUD? Yes please!

My favourite department store ever is Ilums Borglihus in Copenhagen. It is Scandinavian design heaven. I would have bought heaps more if it wasn't the luggage limitations and the fact that my personal ATM (aka The BFG) and I don't always share the same tastes.

We also decided to stay in an apartment through Airbnb. I would highly recommend it. We got an apartment in Norrebro by the Lakes district and it was so nice to be out of the city centre.

Here is the link to the background to Test Tubes picture. I've been reading Classic Copenhagen for a while (I think since our last trip there in 2010) and was completely stoked when we came across them.

I'm glad Copenhagen is somewhere I can go back to regularly, the only thing is seriously, the distance. 

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  1. Hi Lien..I've been following your comments around this morning for a bit so I thought I'd pop in and say 'hello'! I've loved looking at your amazing photos of your extensive travels. I am having a giveaway for a little girl's pink tote that I made yesterday..if you are interested..or know of any little ones that may like it..just a thought!


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