Friday, September 07, 2012

Malmo - Sweden

Marching band

Malmo train station

Canal cruise

Art installation
These holiday posts are pretty slow coming aren't they? I've been dealing with health issues of a family member (getting to understand the NSW hospital system) and feeling drained each day. So a quick post to remind me of our trip.

We arrived in Copenhagen after leaving Berlin and decided to go to Malmo across the ditch. Apart from accepting both Danish kroner and Swedish kroner, the city itself is quite Danish (apparently a lot of Danes live there as it's cheaper than living in Copenhagen).

The weather was starting to feel very summery and starting to get hot. Most people were sitting outside in the sun  but coming from Australia where I'm now constantly vigilant about not getting sunburnt, we chose to sit inside mostly when we had lunch and seeking shade spots when we were outside.

It was a lovely day trip and one of the interesting things that happened was the train ride from Copenhagen to Malmo. During the Copenhagen leg, all announcements were in Danish (soft guttural sounds) and then as soon as we crossed the Øresund (Danish) or Öresund (Swedish), announcements were swtiched to Swedish (same gutteral sounds but sounds a lot harsher - or maybe that was my interpretation as I've heard more Danish than I have Swedish).

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