Monday, October 01, 2012

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Macquarie Uni - Hub

I've been swimming a lot at Macquarie University pool. Apart from the 3 weeks I was overseas, I have been swimming around 3 times a week. This means I went even though it was WINTER! Yes! Cold, wind chill affected, outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool (ok, it's heated, but still). Talk about dedication.

My swimming partner is my older sister and recently, we've been going during the day. One Friday, we decided to pretend to be Uni students and get a cheap beer from the Uni bar.

My parents are currently staying in Sydney and I took my mum back to the farm to make sure the winds hadn't blown it away. While they have been away, the wattle bloomed and I went into hayfever hell.

On the drive back to Sydney, we stopped in Berrima for lunch. Don't go to the Magpie Cafe in Berrima. Trust me. They have crap service. My mother and I sat down on a table with dirty tablecloths, disinterested waiter and an expensive menu. We got up and walked out. The bakery up the road is better. But there is a pretty tree right outside the crap cafe though.

Labour day long weekend. We took a drive down south and went on the Sea Cliff bridge. Amazing piece of engineering. Nephew No 2 got upset because it was windy. I get that. I hate it when the wind blows my hair all over the place.

We made our way to Coledale beach. The nippers were out looking very cute, and very brave (as they did go into the water). We built sand castles, collected really big rocks and tiny shells. The nephews were happy and even dipped their feet into the water. I brought my swimming cossie. It stayed in the bag.

My parent's dogs have come to live with us. They're really noisy and the BFG is constantly yelling "shut up". Scares me too. But they get to earn their keep because they are so cute.

Blogtoberfest - Day 1

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  1. Hi Lien, so happy to have you with us for Blogtoberfest12.
    Fantastic photos. You have inspired me to get back into swimming (I've been so slack over Winter!!).
    Kat xxx


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