Sunday, October 21, 2012

Before and After

I bought the fabric, have great intentions and generally nothing happens. Why is that? I run out of time, lose the mojo or just thought it was a good idea at the time and then it all gets too hard. But this time, I did it!

Took the seat off the frame, painstakingly pulled all the staples and and put on the new cover.

The chairs are still in relatively good condition - so was the original seat cover. It was just boring.

I've still got two more chairs to do (it was originally a set of 4 but one broke).

I watched a couple of youtube videos on how to do this and it's pretty straightforward. Except a few instructions tell you to just staple the new cover over the old one. I think with a black one, it might show through the new fabric. The problem with the chair on the left is that the screws are so stuffed that I can't just unscrew them off. I might have to just bang it out with a hammer and then try to rescrew the whole thing back on.

I thought about painting the chairs too but that got in the way too hard basket (also known as can't be arsed).

We have the matching dining table that came with these chairs which the BFG inherited from some friends of his who upgraded to more adult furniture. I'm using the table as my study/craft table, but it needs to be sanded back. I think it about it heaps, but I think I suffer from overthinking lethargy.

It might be easier to just get a desk from IKEA but I do think we're beyond the IKEA stage of our lives now (well I like to think we are) and get something that isn't coming to us flat packed. Having said that, I still love IKEA except for that ugly cupboard behind the chairs. That's IKEA and came with the house. It's too big and ugly and too useful to get rid of at the moment. Jammed packed full of my crafty stuff, yarn, books, patterns, fabric. It's pretty chockers and getting rid of it will be .... you guessed right... in the too hard basket.

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