Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cross Stitch Copenhagen

I couldn't get a better photo of this without taking it off the wall. My mother in law was going through her stuff and came across this embroidery that she did years ago when the BFG was really young. It's motifs of Copenhagen in cross stitch. Might be a bit hard to see, but it includes Borsen, Rundetaarn and Rosenborg.

She made this into a cushion but after years of actual use, it's a bit worn on the edges and she was going to throw it out, but I told her I'll take it and frame it for the house.

Blogtoberfest - Day 11

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  1. Visiting for the first time from blogtoberfest today:)

    I love that embroidery and such a lovely keepsake. I too have rescued a few things that my mother-in-law was going to throw out. Like her 60 year old doll, which was headed to the dump. My daughter now plays with it daily.


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