Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flicking through

I've been taking my mum to our local library as it has a large Chinese language collection. Since I got my Kindle last Christmas, I haven't been going to the library as often as I used to. On a recent visit, I picked up this book:

I've read her other two books where she begins her journey to Italy, first to Rome and then to Naples. I find her so much more enjoyable than Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love". Now that was a book that annoyed the hell out of me. Talk about over self indulgent and the "all about me" syndrome. At least this is easy reading to keep my mind off stressful things.

I think the author still has a very rose tinted view of Italy (even after 5 years of being there). Which reminds me of how I am about Denmark. I have a very roses, rainbow and all things beautiful, fairytale images of Denmark. That was until we were leaving and was taking the train from Nyborg. These bogan Danes were already there waiting for the train to get into Copenhagen. At 6.50am, one of them had already gone through 3 cans of a six pack of Tuborg, were loud and rowdy and completely smashed my idyllic view of Danes. Bogans are everywhere.
I also bought a new book. The patterns in this book are a bit meh, but techniques are useful. I'm still struggling with inserting zippers but I'll persist. I haven't made anything recently, but I do have a pattern all printed out which just needs to be cut.

I've decided to stop buying novels - unless they are secondhand or through my kindle. But I'll continue to buy reference books. Nothing beats flicking through a book and keeping the page open to refer to.

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