Friday, October 05, 2012


The 3 Stooges (BFG's nickname for them) got haircuts yesterday. The weather in Sydney has been hitting 30 degrees so it was timely that I booked them in.

Snowy [left] & Charlie [right]
These dogs look completely different once all their fur is gone. Charlie looks like Falkor the big flying white dog in "The Never Ending Story". He's very cute, very dopey and constantly hungry. Snowy is super active for a dog who is about 10 years old. He's a bit nuts and sits near the Hills Hoist and starts barking at nothing.


Snowy & Charlie

Charlie & Cherry
Cherry is the mother hen in this little family. She's tiny but can get quite aggro when Charlie tries to eat her food. She's been eating the lucerne mulch under the citrus trees - just plain weird.

We've always had dogs but I've never been that involved with their upkeep (self absorbed angsty teen that I was) and so having these guys come to stay  has been... well an expensive exercise and a lot of work. The BFG has been talking to his colleagues about having them and it appears that EVERYONE has an opinion. Suggestions for premium brand dog food, flea treatment, treats, and now the haircuts are all adding up (their haircuts each cost more than mine - true fact).

But they are cute. That's important.

Blogtoberfest - Day 5

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