Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loving my library

I'm a qualified Librarian but haven't really worked in a library before. I have always loved libraries but that's not the reason why I studied to be one. I won't go into why I did the course I did, but it wasn't to become a Librarian. I have however, always supported libraries and think that public libraries (some better than others) are doing a great job in reinventing themselves from these old dusty quiet mausoleums to vibrant community hubs.

My local library has recently added online magazines into their collection which patrons can borrow using Zinio. This is so great. I have a magazine addiction and unfortunately, I can't bear to throw them out and I'm fast running out of space.

The library also offers e-books as well but it doesn't support kindle (but then I don't think anything other than Amazon does). I'm actually quite excited about the whole magazine thing and glad that I live near a progressive library.

Anyway, I missed yesterday of Blogtoberfest (seriously, too exhausted). I babysat my nephews with the BFG and they are so cute and so chatty. So this post is a combined one for Saturday and Sunday.

via Frankie
Today I bought the current issue of Frankie (see - magazine junkie). There is a review of Youth Fiction and out of the 6 that were featured, I have read 5 of them. This made me realise that I really did read A LOT when I was at school. I need to find my passion for reading again.

Blogtoberfest - Day 27 and 28

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