Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My head still hurts

Yep, looks like I've come down with something. My head still hurts and has been spinning like crazy all of today. It didn't help that I needed to get a medical scan done this morning and there was a bit of prodding (and couldn't have a coffee beforehand).

I also had to pick up a parcel for the BFG from the post office. In his haste to get to work early, he didn't sign the slip of paper, so I just forged his crazy - looks nothing like his name - signature. At the post office, a woman charged in front of me, where the Counter Dude just nodded for her to go to his counter (she was only buying a card). So I went up behind her after she paid. Counter Dude practically bit my head off with "next time, you need to stand in line". Seriously, 2 seconds ago, there was no line! I just gave him my spaced out look.

Then he points to the BFG's name and goes "who's this?" By now, my head hurt more and I was thinking, if this guy gave me any more shit, I'm going to pay for my next purchase at Aussie post with 5c coins up to the value of $5 (which is legal tender apparently) and slowly count it in front of him (cause you know, maths was never a strong point for me and I might just have to count it again). I tried to tell him it's going to be a large package but he ignores me, runs out the back and then comes back to tell me it's a large package, looking like he really didn't want to haul the box for me.

Anyway, finally got the box, but reason for my whinging? The box, along with 2 other boxes that came and another box which is on it's way contains a lot of the BFG's toys from when he was younger. Stuff that his parent's have been hauling across several continents each time the family has moved and finally back to Denmark where the BFG has been storing it. We're talking vintage 70's Lego, original Star Wars figurines (that's right), bought at the same time the original movies were made, old children's books, records etc.

So anyway, I'm not allowed to touch the Star Wars stuff. Head spinning, crazy Aussie Post Counter Dude and I'm not allowed to touch the R2D2 and C3PO? So so wrong.

Blogtoberfest - Day 9

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