Thursday, October 04, 2012

This time I'm determined

It's Spring! And this time, I'm determined to get some veggies going. I had pretty dismal results last year when I tried to plant seeds in the veggie bed, some didn't germinate and others just didn't thrive. I decided to bypass the seeds and get seedlings. I'm growing the lettuce in pots in the hope that they won't get eaten by bugs and slugs, but I think I may have to move them as they're looking a bit crowded.

Lettuce and spinach

Brocolli, brussel sprouts, leeks, silverbeet

And a tomato plant on the side

The tomatoes seem to be coming out

Last year, I planted some zucchini. There were large healthy looking leaves, bright yellow flowers and then nothing. Not a single edible zucchini in sight. A friend of ours suggested it could be the lack of bees to help with the pollination, so we planted some lavender, hoping to attract some.

This is our fig tree. I was pretty excited when I discovered there was a fruit bearing tree (that wasn't in the citrus family) and was quite protective about not letting the figs get eaten by birds. You can imagine how completely devastated I was when I realised the figs were tasteless. Absolutely not worth the effort I put into protecting the fruit. The birds can have them this year if they were anything like they were last year.

Blogtoberfest - Day 4


  1. Wow good luck with your veggies this year then. Les is trying some veggies in pots too this year, including lettuces. They germinated from seeds and are still only tiny seedlings but I reckon he's put them too close together, especially now that I see the photos of yours. He's also tweaked the irrigation so it waters our pots now too, so they have some chance of surviving this summer.

    Your tomatoes are doing great, and quite early too. You can even plant more tomatoes around Christmas and more in Feb so you'll have tomatoes going for quite a few months. Looks great.

    Shame about the figs!

    1. I would love to get the garden irrigated. At the moment, I just go out and water it myself. I need to fertilise more. Let's hope I don't kill any of them this time.


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