Sunday, April 07, 2013

A colourful weekend

Someone on Ravelry who lives close to me was destashing some "taste of Wollmeise" and so I took some off her hands and went to pick them up on Saturday. These are pretty small balls and so I'm thinking about knitting baby things with them. I've been wanting to try this yarn for a while but couldn't be bothered stalking the website for updates.

Also, there always seem to be some one in the Aussie Ravelry group destashing surplus skeins anyway.

Taste of Wollmeise
While picking up the yarn, we went past a leash free park and so we took the 3 Stooges to see how they behaved. Two of them were all right but we were quite cautious with Charlie so he was on and off the leash. Off when it was just us and on again when we saw other innocent dogs or people.

Leash free - except for Charlie

This weekend, I also managed to finish something. This is the "Bits" kit by Hanne Falkenberg which the BFG bought for me in Copenhagen last year. It still needs to be blocked but I'm so glad it's done. This seemed to have taken forever. The cotton yarn is quite splitty and not that great to work with. But I really love the bright green contrast.

I really like the idea of kits - pattern and yarn selected. That's because I really do suck at colour. I generally pick the same colours over and over again and find it hard to pick good coordinating or contrasting colours.

Bits - Hanne Falkenberg
I also managed to persuade my sister to take me to Balmain to finally visit Calico & Ivy. I heard that they were closing down which is disappointing, but were having a clearance on their quilting fabric and Liberty of London fabric.  I was going to buy some Liberty fabric but even at $45 per metre, I still felt that was a bit spendy (especially seeing as my sewing skills are still a bit iffy). 

What I did end up with was a new quilting pattern by Denyse Schmidt and enough fabric to make the cogs. I'm attempting a queen size this time for our bed. The lady at Calico & Ivy was really helpful with picking out the fabric - like I said, I really suck at colour and would probably just buy a mish mash of cats vomit.

On Saturday night, I had a bit of an epiphany. I've been practising free motion quilting on bits of scrap to see if I can do it for my baby Pow Wow quilt. I've concluded that it was probably a tad ambitious to try free motion quilting for my first quilt.

Luckily, my sister who's sewing machine I am using was going through a quilting thing at one point and had bought both a darning foot and an even feed walking foot. I looked up some tutorials on youtube and have decided to just quilt using straight lines. Once I decided to do this, it seemed like such an easy solution! I'm going to do this pattern on the quilt.

Even feed walking foot
Felt like it was quite a busy weekend!

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