Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend relaxing

I've been following Buttontree Lane for a little while - not for her quilting but to see the clothes she makes, but I am keenly reading her quilting posts now. She did a review of her Elna Lotus sewing machine and I was thinking - cute! I need to get my hands on one of these. Like Michelle says, these machines goes for hundreds on eBay and Gumtree.

Recently, an Elna Lotus Elnita came up for sale on Ebay but the owner was on the Central Coast. This is the pretty much the same model as the Elna Lotus but it just doesn't have the flaps that make up the case. It just comes with a soft case. I ummed and ahhed about whether I wanted to bid as it meant having to drive about an hour to go get it and I don't always have access to a car.

I figured I could always bribe one of my sisters to take me or take the train. I was hoping this one wouldn't go for the price of the Elnas with the flaps. I put in my maximum bid and woop woop, got the winning bid. The seller offered to deliver it to me for $30 so I took him up on that.

I got it this morning.

Elnita Lotus ZZ
I don't actually need another sewing machine as my sister has pretty much lent me her Janome machine on permanent loan and I also have a vintage Empisal machine which works great - except it's a real bitch to load the bobbin which is probably why I don't use it as much as I should.

It is just so cute! I love it already.  I'm also looking into doing a quilting course but need to find one that I can do on the weekend as weeknights feel too hard and I'm not keen to be rushing from work.

Anyway, since discovering the leash free park, we've decided to take the Stooges there every weekend if we can as they are just so excited with the freedom. It's a bit easier on me as it means I can let them run around without having to walk too fast along with them (I'm so unfit since I got pregnant!).

However, while the dogs love it, it's quite stressful for me as they have never really been properly socialised with other dogs. My parents, pretty much kept them on the farm and they led a very sheltered life.

Every time another dog comes bounding towards them, I completely freak out. The BFG seems to take it all in his stride and seems to have a lot of faith in the Stooges and that there won't be any doggy carnage.

Leash free freedom
Back to my relatively productive weekend, I'm trying to finish off this quilt for my sister. She started this when she decided to try her hand at quilting. At the time, she didn't have a sewing machine so actually hand stitched all the blocks. It's been sitting around since 2005 (I think). So I pulled it out and pieced them all together.

I went to Material Obsession to pick a backing fabric and hope to finish this soon. I think her plan to make this bed size is not going to happen. I found it quite hard to get all the blocks to match up as they weren't exactly the same size.

I'm just making it into a sampler she can hang on the wall.

Quilt sampler
Update on pregnancy news, I started doing pilates at a physio near my work. I realised that I need to really get my abdominal muscles in better shape. Particularly since they have been MIA forever. But I've finally made 25 weeks and I think the second trimester "goodness" is starting to kick in. My skin is clearing up a bit and I have way more energy than I remember in the last 4-5 months.


  1. The quilt looks great. I'm impressed. My sewing machine is still sitting in the attic. I'm so glad your dogs are going to an off leash park. They will thrive!

    1. I'm sure they think they are thriving too. Does my nerves in though! Get the sewing machine out Jill!

  2. Oh wow! Angie told me last night about your new Elnita and it's a beauty!! I bet it sews great too. My sewing machine mechanic tells me these things are built so well - nothing like the modern machines we use today.


    1. It does sew quite well but I still need to get it serviced and extra bobbins for it.


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