Sunday, May 05, 2013

A weekend of fabric and quilts

My plans for Sunday fell through. A prospective buyer for the greenhouses on the farm couldn't make it which meant I didn't need to go down to Goulburn. I took advantage of the spare time to go visit the Eastwood patchwork quilters exhibition at Brush Farm House

Since my sewing binge and sudden interest in quilting, I was super excited that this exhibition was practically within spitting distance of our house.

These are some of the quilts that caught my eye. 

Brush Farm House

Brush Farm
A lot of the quilts were quite traditional and I think I'm more of a fan of the modern quilt. Some of them are so so busy!

On the Saturday, there was a garage sale around the corner near us where the woman's grandmother had died leaving behind the world's biggest fabric and haberdashery stash. I showed a lot of restraint and only picked up a small box of fabrics (actually if I had more time, I would have gone through more boxes). The blue and white piece is a John Kaldor design, which is no longer available in Australia. It still has the original tag from David Jones when they used to have a haberdashery department.

Garage sale bargains
Today, apart from the quilt exhibition, I also managed to FINALLY get myself to the Crowle Foundation's fabric cave. I can't believe I didn't come here earlier. I've always known about it but for some reason just never got around to visiting. It is a fabric and haberdashery lover's heaven. There was so much fabric, notions, embroidery, cross stitch STUFF! If it's textile related, you can bet it can be found there. I can't believe we used to live within walking distance and I didn't go!

I was specifically looking for some coat fabric to make this Burda coat. Someone on my DUE IN JULY facebook group had made it and I think it would be good for my ever growing belly and the fact that winter is soon upon us.

I bought some stripey wool-like fabric (really not sure if it is wool) and some chocolate brown coat fabric (but this will be for another project as there is only 3 metres there).

I'm also doing this for the Burda sew along that I've joined. I'm not sure how I'll go tackling a coat but according to, this is a good beginner's pattern.

Fabric cave haul and pattern for my Burda sew along
This weekend, we also bought the Stooges another cushion. We previously got them one of these Bono Fido weatherproof futon beds for their kennel, but we thought that since it's going to be winter soon, they should have something to sit on during the day. They love it and has not moved off it all day today.

Stooges on their new cushion
I've also managed to get some sewing done this weekend but I'll save this for another post.  So I feel like I've had a super productive weekend.

Pregnancy update: Today I'm 28+3 weeks. The baby is kicking like mad and seems to react to everything I eat. My back is killing me most days and sleeping has not been great. I find sleeping on my side really uncomfortable and each time I turn around, it wakes me up. Needless to say, I'm pretty much awake by 5.00 am. I really should go for a walk when I get up (like how I used to go for a run), but walking with a bowling ball in front of you isn't really that easy or fun.

Let's just hope the back pain eases as it's currently my one main bugbear about being pregnant. As of tomorrow, I only have 8 more weeks of work. If the baby comes when he's supposed to, then I'll have about 3 and half weeks of free time to myself! Can-not-wait!


  1. I love the quilt in that 4th photo. Stunning. Do you have any further info about that, like who made it or what pattern they used?

    Everytime the Eastwood quilters show is on I think I should travel up for it, but I always seem to have something on. Will make it a priority next time.

    1. I didn't even realise there was a quilting exhibition so close to my house, but then again, I've only become interested in the last 6 months. I love the quilt in the fourth pic as well. The quilting was all done by hand and it was exquisite. I forgot to write down the details but might be able to get that off the Eastwood Patchwork quilters.

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  3. Those quilts are fantastic! All of the women on my mum's side are very talented quilters; I should really get my act together and learn the skills. The garage sale fabric looks wonderful too. And the Stooges look so so cute on their cushion!

    I would love to have a go at a Project Life journal, they look like a really fun, structured way to scrapbook - you'll have to post a picture or two as you start journalling! I'd love to see. What are the prompts like?

    I hope you can find a bit of comfort from pregnancy aches and pains - I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I relate completely! Although, I actually feel a bit better than I did earlier on, which I hope is the case for you too - I had SPD early on but that seems to have disappeared now. That being said, sleeping is still quite a trial and I haven't woken up feeling rested in some time. I cannot wait to lie flat on my back again! It's all to be expected I guess! One and a half weeks remaining, hooray!

    1. I'll definitely blog about Project Life. I need to get some ink for my printer as I need to get some photos printed off. You can also get a digital kit if you like to do it all online.

      I'm doing pilates which helps with the aches! I normally sleep on my back too so converting to a side sleeper has been difficult.

  4. Anonymous4:25 pm

    thanks for the comment! I love the quilts you found...
    can't wait to see the coat, I'm hoping to get heaps done by Friday too... heaps of time right??!!!


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